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  1. Please excuse my ignorance what is a levy ? and no they haven't entered my property at all and as far as I know they don't know what I look like or what car I drive:confused:
  2. Have just paid £40.00 on line straight to council got ref no from my inbox because I was making an attempt to pay this earlier in the year. I haven't spoken to any one from the council yet and rang daughter she says no one has been yet.
  3. No!!! I was wrong they said they are coming back today!!!!!! daughter is 28 she tried talking to them yesterday but they were having none of it thanks for advice so far
  4. The debt is unpaid council tax they called once before while I was at work they have never written to me or spoken to me directly only to my daughter and never been in my home. I work and they never call when I am @ home and I won't give them mobile number.
  5. The bailiffs have kleft a notice through my door today requesting immediate payment of £700.00 will not negotiate and requires in 14 days any body got any suggestions
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