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  1. Horsemad1, Vic, Bigdebtor, thank you all most kindly for your responses, it has been very helpful and shown me much more structure to what I should be doing. This week-end I'll be looking at reclaiming default charges etc., thanks for that BD, glad to see you'll be around till age 200, certainly beats my target. thanks again everyone, hope you have a good week-end, wrungout.
  2. Horsemad1, many thanks for your response, it helps. When you said your accounts were in dispute due to no CCA, charges etc can you tell me if it was always a CCA issue or did you have some in dispute due only to charges (possibly disputed). I have some CCA's which appear to be OK however I also have accounts with charges which to date I haven't disputed. thanks again for taking the time to help, wrungout.
  3. Horsemad1, thanks for your thread, it has been a valuable insight into the world of F&F issues and your results with the expert guidance of The Mould are impressive and encouraging. I hope you won't mind me asking a question on your thread (I will of course open a separate thread if my questions require more than a simple/short response). Recently I made F&F offers to all my CC's most of whom have now responded and rejected my offer. Would this constitute that state of "MEETING OF THE MINDS" referred to above? Or, do they actually have to offer me a F&F offer before t
  4. appealing for some help on the above questions, things getting desperate with the constant phone calls, can't see any way out of the mess, really worried that any equity we may have in our property (originally my wife's but I'm now on the mortgage) may be lost due to my debts/arrears. If someone could give some feedback on the question of CC going for bankruptcy I'd be really grateful.
  5. I have a few questions spinning around in my head and would be grateful for any info/advice on the points below. A) Is it common for CC companies to force someone into bankruptcy/sequestration? B) Does the amount outstanding have any bearing on the above ie say in excess of 20K? C) How difficult or easy is it for them to establish whether there is equity in an owned property. D) If there is equity is it possible to sell during any action they may be taking without them realising and then hopefully agree a reasonable F&F settlement? E) If they go for CCJ and it is d
  6. Thanks for your earlier responses, appreciated. I have a 'good' photocopy of my original form which is similar to Laura's. The PT's are there in the body of the T&C's down the left hand side BUT they are not "easily legible" without some magnification. If Laura's agreement were to be put down in front of a judge and you insisted that he check for him/herself that the PT's were in order I would say they would really struggle. Bearing in mind the microfiche copy would be even less legible what would happen in real life in this situation if it went to court??
  7. Hi Laura, one thing to bear in mind with your above form, the signature on the top left hand corner would have been done internally (probably part of their approval procedure). You would not have had that signature on the copy that you signed and sent off, so this would not constitute a creditor signature which is a requirement on such agreements. Hope this helps.
  8. Hello Buzzard, 1000 apologies from me, didn't intend to hijack your thread, it's just we have some similarities in our circumstances and I was interested in some of the comment made by PGH and cbJimmy. Hoped that any response to my own Q's, which they very kindly gave, might be helpful to both of us. Your CCA requests should be s78 if they are for credit cards, but best wait for confirmation from someone more experienced, I'm still new to it all.
  9. Hi diddydicky, would be interested to know your thoughts on the unenforceability aspects of Laura's agreement (2003), I have a similar one. Thanks for the quoted paragragh in your next post and the related comments. Do you think some judges rule against defences because the defence is built around denial of the existence of a legally binding contract as opposed to what you suggest, in other words you'd be in court solely to disprove the legality of the contract which you accept exists?
  10. Hi Gazza, thanks for the clarification on your case and well done on the costs. Can you remind us what your main defense points were going to be with regard to your Ryanair account, was it the agreement itself or defective DN or suchlike??? OK you're right, I'm off to re-read your thread!!!
  11. Hi, I'm in a similar situation to Buzzard so will be watching this thread with interest. PGH & cbJimmy, sounds like you would recommend sending off C78 request first before writing to all CC's to offer reduced & affordable payments. Have I got this the right way round? I did do CCA to Mvna and got copy of agreement which has prescribed terms albeit they are in tiny print and not easily read without magnification but don't feel i can put account in dispute on this basis. What do you think.
  12. Hi again, all I'm saying is that I have a similar format to yours (and Gazza's) but I kept a copy of the original agreement so I know it isn't a pasted job. I also have two different addresses on mine. So that in itself doesn't necessarily make it a pasted job. Please be careful before levelling any accusations of fraud, in this instance they may be unjustified. Right click my name and you'll find my thread with the agreement. I'll have to go back to Gazza's thread, can't remember how he won his case.
  13. laura I have a similar agreement to your 2003 one and I have a copy of the original from application date. You are correct in that that there are two different addresses but my application/agreement form had everything on the one page. Just wanted to let you know, using words like fraud can get you into trouble if used incorrectly. Not trying to be obstructive, only helpful. I'd be interested to know what advice you may get re placing the account into dispute given that the page is probably genuine.
  14. Just for your info, the claim they make in their letter (from post below) states the following: "4. How can I be satisfied that the original credit agreement was properly executed - especially if you have not supplied a copy showing signatures? The Bank takes its statutory obligations very seriously and would not conclude credit agreements with customers unless it was satisfied they were properly executed and enforceable. We make sure that our customers' credit agreements are properly executed under the Consumer Credit Act ("the Act") by having strict processes
  15. I have a similar agreement with the T&C's down the side and I have a copy of the original and can vouch for everything being on the same page. The potential issues I have with it are as follows: Sidebar with T&C's are in very small font and not legible without additional magnification No lender signature NO default info or charges anywhere. Heading is "Credit Agreement...." not "Credit CARD Agreememt.....". Prsumably yours will be the same, not sure whether this would make it unenforceable, perhaps Supasnooper could give more info on this re post 2.
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