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  1. Hi Harper, I certainly won't let him bully me, after everything I went through in 2009, serious illness, divorce, struggling with £100k of debt and entering an IVA I realised that I was basically living a life to keep a home I no longer wanted. Sincegiving it up I have had such a stressfree life and no one is going to intimidate or bully me, especailly not for £4000!! I'm also going to make him work for his £10 a month, starting with a detailed breakdown of exactly what I owe and how they have reached certain amounts!!!
  2. I'm being pursued my Mr Cooper for a shortfall of £4,320 (of which £3,000 is the 'asset management' fee' and £500 for misc???? and various solicitors fees and arrears charges) I had to voluntarily give up my home last year due to severe financial difficulties. I was in an IVA when I handed the property back so the debt isn't included in my IVA payment and advised Mr Cooper that all I could afford was £10 per month. Despite me sending I&E details showing how little I have left, he sent a rather snooty letter saying it wasn't enough so I basically said take me to court then if you think you are going to get anymore. Now he says that £10 is fine but when my IVA is paid off (in 3 years) he wants the money I pay to that to go to my shortfall debt. I have written back now saying I'm going to complete a SARs request as I'm sure they are ripping me off???
  3. Yes thats them, thank you for the link to the PPi board, I really need to know if the agreement is unenforceable before I start to reply to the DCA. Can you advise? Thanks
  4. Experto Credite are the DCA in question, How do I go about claiming back the PPI and how do you mean the debt is then history? Thanks
  5. Just received a letter from Experto Credite saying they have been instructed by Welcome to revover the balance of £26,914.81 and if payment is not made within seven days they will pass the account to their solicitors who will consider court action. Can anyone please advise on what action I can take with regards to the invalid DN and the agreement looking like its enforcable? Any help would be gratefully appreciated as I am now getting worried. Payplan have advised that they cannot deal with the matters above, they can only ask for a creditors meeting to to see if agreement can be reached to include the above sum in my exisitng IVA. Thanks
  6. Can anyone help me determine if the agreement is unenforceable? Thanks
  7. I don't have morgage indemnity I don't think and yes it was done over the phone via a broker. What do I need to do now to claim for the PPI and how can I get the agreement proven to be unenforcable? I'm all new to this, thats the procedure I need to follow? I phoned Welcome only once when I first got the letter to let them know about the IVA, they don't have my numbers and I refused to give them one. Can anyone help on what to do next? Wannabe, thanx for the advice, I am going to look at the info you recommended, I ahve to say that the company dealing with the shortfall have been really sympathetic and helpful (maybe they realise that if I haven't got it they can't have it!!) my IVA officer thinks the shortfall can be included into the existing IVA without increasing my payments or payment period. If only I could get welcome off my back I would be able to put my mind at rest
  8. I am indeed being chased for the shortfall, however the collection agency have been very understanding and have said they will work with Payplan directly to bring the matter to a swift conclusion, welcome on the other hand just won't budge and want the money! I am not afraid of going bankrupt if thats my only option but raising the £600 costs would be a struggle considering all my disposable income is paid into my IVA.
  9. Can anyone help? Welcome are taking me to court in 14 days if I don't pay the sum of £25,000.51 before that time! I handed my property back to the first lender in January and it was sold last month with a mortgage shortfall, I have told Welcome the loan is now unsecure and I am asking for it to be included into my existing IVA, they say they won't accept this and want payment in full. I told the guy on the phone that if they don't agree to inclusion in my IVA and take me to court I'm sure the judge will frown upon their actions when its quite clear I'm willing to work with them and pay what I can! I also told him that if they do insist on taking court action and win judgement I might as well declare myself bankrupt! He said that they will give me additional time for Payplan to come up with an acceptable repayment agreement but I wondered if I have a case for PPI mis-sold and if the agreement is acceptable? I enclose copies of both the original agreement and the letter they sent last week. Court Action.pdf Agreement.pdf
  10. Should I still claim I was mis sold PPI and also get a copy of the CCA to see if its enforcable? If I can get as little as possible in the IVA the better!
  11. I handed my property back in January and now it is sold the secured welcome loan is now unsecure and hopefully going to be added to my existing IVA. Been dealing with a woman at my local office who I have to say has been very understanding (maybe she knew they're not getting all the money back or it was my couldnt care less attitude now I have no assets)! Anyway today I received a letter from Nottingham stating I have 14 days to pay £25,000.51 or they start proceedings, phone my branch and was told that certain accounts are no longer being dealt with by them and I must contact Nottingham. Looks like they are winding down! The guy I spoke to at Nottingham acted all clever saying they won't agree to it going into my IVA so I told him I'd simply file for bankruptcy and see how much they got then!!! Then he said well Payplan better get a move on and sort it out within 14 days or legal proceedings will commence. I reminded him that I'm sure a judge wouldn't like the fact that they took me to court when I'm trying to sort out the debt with a professional company such as payplan!! He says my account is on hold until Payplan contact them!
  12. Well the saga continues... I sent my letter asking for a full and satisfactory response to my complaint and I asked for £300 compensation. I put in the letter that if they did not respond within 14 days I would claim compensation under section 13 of the data protection act through the courts. On the 14th day I rang to enquire what was happening and they denied all knowledge of receiving the letter even though it was signed for by my local branch manager, they asked that I send the letter again to head office and they would look into it. I explained that the 14 days were up, they have had plenty time to resolve the issue and I would be going through the courts, I was basically told 'you do that and good luck'. Later that day(after I claimed through MCOL) I received a call saying that my letter had been received and a response would be sent the next day, sure enough I got a standard 'holding' letter saying they are conducting a full investigation and would respond in due course. Today I have received a rather patronising letter from Andy Sinden apologising for the poor service but he claims that at no time was my security put at risk by disclosing my sort code/account number. The error occured because my brother and I have a similar surname and he states NatWest have not breached data protection at anytime and have not disclosed details to a third party, therefore they dispute my claim for compensation. They do however offer me a £50 goodwill gesture to say sorry for any inconvenience caused. He asked me to sign a full and final settlement letter and return it to him. I have written to him explaining that his response does not fully answer all my questions and therefore he has not provided a full and satisfactory response. They have acknowledged the claim but I am sure they will defend it.
  13. Natwest have phoned me to apologise for the mistake but have said they will not be offering compensation!! I have been advised that I need to put my complaint in writing and state how much compensation I would like. they would then look at my offer and reply accordingly. They have made a serious breach of the data protection act and think an apology is good enough!! I am in the process of writing my letter but how much compensation would you think is reasonable?
  14. My brother couldn't understand why they got it so wrong when you have to go through security checks when you ring them. However he is now £150 better off so the drinks are on him this weekend. The manager today said it was a serious mistake and thats why it was being dealt with by senior management, she urged me to wait until they contact me before considering taking further action.
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