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  1. i'm a bit bored of cars, houses and money. i could have money but i simply dont value it enough. real wealth is the love of my family and friends, my health and freedom. you seem to suggest that people with a lot of money deserve respect. if you want cars and houses, go ahead but try to think where it all comes from. if you think that exchanging worthless money for goods of value makes you superior then that's up to you. keep the gravy train rolling. many people with large financial wealth have had to step on quite a lot of people to get it. whilst you keep authorising it b
  2. a partial reply to some earlier points: danielr, this country is so rich, i'm sure it can afford a few spongers. it keeps crime lower and many people use it to get themselves out of a rut. it does keep people reliant on the system though and if it wasnt there people would find another way. anyway, it all feeds the economy that some of you love so much. why does it sound crazy to get the original birth cert? if the birth cert isnt important why do they keep it and issue certified copies at £7(last time i went)? thanks again for the detailed bike info. i only really need 50cc
  3. danielr, i feel your language of being my victim is disempowering to yourself and others. me forcing you to work harder and forcing you to pay more tax. i dont think so, it's the system that forces you to do that. i say live your life and be free. dont be scared of having no money or food. the universe will provide, if you believe it. there's plenty of land for us to grow all we need. we can wind down the financial systems and corporations. now we have the technology and infrastructure, why do we need them? thanks guys, you've done a great job, now we're taking it all back! i dont take fr
  4. i dont trust fiat money. i see it as less than worthless debt-notes. i dont really want to work for money, although i'm happy to work for something of real value. it often doesnt feel right exchanging it for things of value. and i often tell people 'thanks for giving me this thing of value for some worthless debt notes or monopoly money'. they seem happy, ignorance is bliss i suppose. many people know the money has no value but they continue to slave for it. they see no other options.
  5. just so you know what sort of man the judge griffith williams is. a child abuser, craig sweeney, who was released early after assaulting another child, went on to kidnap, sexually assault a 3 yr old girl and nearly killed he in a car crash. he was sentanced to life with a minimum of 5 years. chambers, a 17 yr old who killed a father confronting a gang, was given a minimum 2 years. i dont think prison works, but where you've got that system and people who are a danger to others, shouldnt it be used to keep them off the streets? if i defrauded, stole or printed a few thousand poun
  6. oh dear, it's descended into childish insults again. and you're right it's pretty boring. i'll try to answer some of the previous points. then i'll have to bow out as little to nothing is being achieved. keep flying, consuming and conforming. it's your duty and it's really helping everyone live a happier life. keep paying those taxes, the gov really need them so they help people especially the kids. it's for the kids, not the banks, definitely not the banks, anything but the banks. this system is so precarious because it's built on lies. we're on a knife edge and which ever way you l
  7. these people are my friends and people i often talk with for some time whilst going about my lawful business. including quite a few cops. most only want to keep the peace. they dont want to be enforcing policy.
  8. i saw plenty in the fees office and the amount of people in the building and some highly paid. the average prisoner costs £25k/year. thank goodness the new gov say they want to reduce it. i'm surprised to say i agree with ken 'bilderberg steering group' clarke. i shouldnt judge but i wonder what the real motives are. is that less jailed for council tax non-payment and other victimless crimes or less violent crooks?
  9. i've asked hundreds of people what they think a person is and they all say that they and me are persons. i say i'm a human being. i tell them that a person is like a bank account set up in their name with their birth cert. i must sound quite convincing as it often doesnt surprise them. i met a truly freewoman on the land. unfortunately she didnt like not having a birth cert or passport. the system has somehow removed them from her. i'll try to get to the bottom of it.
  10. like the vatican aint a place of love and compassion, so the high court aint a place of justice, it's a place of business. the amount of money that flows through that place is astounding.
  11. there was plenty of activity around the admiralty offices today.
  12. i dont think it's been on-topic for some time and i'm hardly the only offender. there's something about off-road vehicles still on the cards. the world is mainly peaceful. corporations breach the peace and humans pick up the pieces. everyone now believes they're a corporation (person) and so it's normally 'what's in it for me?' instead of 'what can i do to help?' believe it or not, my primary aim now is to aid the evolvement of humanity by any means i can think of. to assist people in empowering themselves and creating harmony in their lives and therefore the wider world. w
  13. so at least it does exist. i was beginning to think i was going mad for a moment;). along with liens and a few other bits and pieces. what you're suggesting is that a few people are taking real bits and pieces and constructing some far flung fantasy? some for profit and some through madness. every system is reliant on the members believing in it. people are losing belief. they're looking for new simpler, comunity based systems. increasing numbers are fed up with the system but dont know which way to turn. some have been fed up for years. they want change but it never comes. numb
  14. i will honour your words with a fuller reply later. however, i'm rather tired as i've been working at the high court today. hollie greig & co were in the family court and we were outside to support them. then we were running round the building trying to lodge an appeal. it's a mad house. on my travels i saw numerous 'admiralty' offices. i have the feeling i'll be seeing behind the doors soon. a few quick points: nobody forces anyone to work. i dont trust the system so i dont want to contribute to it through income tax and national insurance. i do contribute in ple
  15. i'm going to the high court today in support of hollie greig who has had had to flee to the uk to escape a murderous child abuse network in scotland that appears to reach into the upper echelons. United For Hollie Greig Consider the following as it pertains to Hollie Greig, Anne Greig and Robert Green: • The fact Hollie was paid £13,500 by CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority). • Neither Robert Green nor Anne Greig have been sued for slander by those they have named and shamed. Clear evidence of guilt on the part of the accused. • Letter to Robert Green from the Crown Offi
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