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  1. Hi Guys Long time reader of the forums, have only posted in one thread before regarding parking tickets when I was issued one in 2009. Advice was sound, nothing came of it as usual, a couple of 'debt' letters and they soon stopped writing.. I went to the British Grand Prix in 2012, parked at a services so my Uncle could pick me up from there, issued a ticket - again a couple of snotty letters, it's been nearly a year since and not a peep. Recently though, they've tightened parking where I work. This means I'm choosing to park at a Sainburys across the road on a daily basis
  2. Afternoon All. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, I just need some advice, as I've previously asked and got a brilliant response.. Basically on Saturday night I was pulled over at the side of the road near my house, talking to my neighbour with my passenger side window down. A woman has swung round the corner facing me, and hit my drivers side wingmirror, the mirror has fallen off and smashed on the floor, and the casing has two cracks in it but it still attached to the car.. Her wingmirror actually fell off the car. She gave me her contact details and told me to call her the
  3. I'd love it if a Sheriff turned up though, i've always wanted to meet one.
  4. **UPDATE** Another letter from controlaccount plc today, says the following: Amount now Due: £98.75 It is a legal requirement to send notice of an intention to make a Civil Clain before that claim is issued. This letter fulfils that requirement and has been sent to you at the last address we hold for you. This is your final chance to prevent Litigation being commenced against you: if you ignore this warning then proceedings may commence and Judgment will be sought. The cost relating to such Litigation will be added to the amount claimed, together with interest at a statutor
  5. Ah thats fantastic mate. Wonder why I didnt get the Brinx one first then? They went straight to the controlaccount plc letter!
  6. UPDATE: Got a letter through today from Control Account PLC Dear Mr ******* Client: EURO CAR PARKS LTD Account No: 01530000197 Ref No: 907444 Amount Due: £98.75 We have been instructed by our above named Client and regret to note that you have failed to contact them with your proposals for settlement of this overdue account (not sure when i opened an account with them..) This account has been passed to ourselves with firm instructions to commence Litigation and to obtain Judgment against you. Such a course of action may have an adverse affect on your ability to o
  7. Nah I'm not in the directory mate, I will just laugh at them when they ring. Why couldnt they write what the contravention actually was, rather than other, lazy buggers
  8. Alrite chaps? Got the letter through today: EURO CAR PARKS: PARKING CHARGE NOTICE ENFORCEMENT It lists the car park as: JUNCTION - LEICESTER and contravention as: OTHER Not sure if this means anything special to be fair. Also wondering if they can obtain my phone number in any way? I'm on the electoral register and stuff, I'm gonna ignore the letters, I just don't want them hassling my mum on the phone, cos then she'll hassle me!
  9. Ooh wow, okay. I'm gonna take this advice. No turning back folks! Euro Car Park - Go eff yourself.
  10. I've not got a lot of expertise in this area, so simply ignoring it won't harm my credit rating or anything like that will it? I know I've not taken any credit out, but normally when debt collectors come its due to credit not being paid.
  11. And it'll honestly go away? Can you say that without any doubt in your mind?
  12. Thanks for the reply mate. It is a private car park yes. The thing is, the only proof they have is whoever issued the ticket, as there is no CCTV monitoring the car park. (I have a look around before I left to make sure). So could I just claim that I wasn't driving? I've had a read around the forum, and have come to the conclusion that I can either do this, or ignore them totally? Obviously lying is wrong, but if it saves me £70..
  13. Hello Everyone! Registered here because I've just been given a ticket! Basically I parked at St Georges Retail park in Leicester, on the emptiest bit of the car park, and walked into town, because I had a job interview. The main reason I parked here was because I just cannot afford to pay £3/4 a time to park in a paid car park, due to my financial circumstances! Is there any way I can get around not paying this charge? I know full well it was my fault, and it does state that anyone leaving the site that leaves there car there could be fined. But in my defence, I did use the
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