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  1. Hi, shop direct sold the debt to Lowell in 2012. I disputed the debt and Lowell closed the account. One year later, a shop direct default appears on my credit file (there is no record of Lowell on the file).
  2. But they did not send me notice of default, in fact, I have had no communication in relation to this matter since they sold the debt on in 2012. They didn't put the default on until the end of 2013. Does this not make any difference what so ever?
  3. Hi all, This morning I discovered that Shop Direct having been putting defaults onto my credit file every month since 2013! This is for a debt that was sold to Lowells in 2012. Subsequently, Lowells agreed that they would take no action against me and the debt was cancelled due to having no proof that I ever had a credit account with Shop Direct. Can I get shop direct to remove/stop the defaults. They have not contacted me for payment since before they sold the debt to Lowells. I hadn't checked my credit files for so long because I haven't applied for any c
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