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  1. Exactly as DX says... we would need more information to know where to signpost you
  2. They have no right of search and should not even attempt this.
  3. It's not about law, it's their policy.
  4. Only can appeal to tribunals on benefit decisions. From things I have read on the internet I think the objection is partially as you may Inadvertently record an unconnected third party discussing their claim. I'm not saying I agree with it, just that that's my understanding. Maybe you should step away and let him claim and if he runs into problems then help him. He's an adult after all.. I assume as he's claiming UC. Anyway , I found this https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/recording_interviews_on_dwp_prem
  5. But they may not sanction him.. maybe just see what happens.
  6. So, genuine question. Why would they pick on him? The last work coach sounds a nightmare but they might not all be like that.
  7. No. Not seen your full history but why would they pick on your son?
  8. Why do you think they will do this?
  9. Hello. Question to the O/P. * did your HB change as a result of the information you supplied? * was the advice given to you face to face or over the phone? * did you get award letters & did you check the figures on them?
  10. It's very likely prosecution will be recommended by the team leader. However the CPS might well reject the case. I think you need to take advice before you make a decision.
  11. I don't disagree. The reason there is no right of appeal is because you can simply decline the ad pen. Then they will need to make a decision regarding prosecution or not. If convicted the loss of benefit is longer and they sting you for court costs. So that's the risk, which is why advice should be sought from someone that has all the facts before you make a decision. They may well decide that it's not in the public interest to prosecute - the file may make it all the way to the CPS and then they decide that.
  12. No. It just means the recovery won't happen for those 4 weeks as you don't have any benefits. You don't have to accept the ad pen. You could decline and see if they do prosecute but if you do that, take legal advice first: only a legal adviser with the full facts can fully advise you what is in your best interests. Yes, the 4 weeks are immediate
  13. The overpayment is recovered in full, by weekly deduction. Once that has been recovered the deductions will continue until the ad pen amount has been recovered. Any prescribed benefits end for 4 weeks in addition.
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