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  1. That's because you are asking someone to advise you on (as was previously posted) an illegal action!
  2. That was my understanding......but I did think the interview itself was very formal....hence my title "formal/informal?
  3. Appeals and ET looming!!! Just been handed letter of Summary Dismisal quoting Gross Misconduct! LM citing reason for asking me to come in was due to "uncertainty of when I would receive letter due to postal strike"!!!!! Let the Games Commence!
  4. Procedure is key to everything here I think. I appreciate you giving me "heads up" on entrapment
  5. Hi, Yes it was a colleague who interviewed me. Yes I have my letter of suspension, both reasons for suspension discussed in interview. Surely if this was a further fact finder, then why would I be advised I do not need anyone with me? And why would I be told it is not disciplinary?
  6. That's one scenario covered... Thankyou Elpulpo:)
  7. my thoughts exactly.....methinks they struggling to prove anything that could result in disciplinary action.
  8. Hi, this is my first post, so please forgive me if I drag on a bit.. Was suspended from work with full pay on 2 allegations - had investigative interview (allowed work colleague), to determine facts and whether "no further action" or "disciplinary action" would be the end result. I was assured that this was purely fact-finding and without prejudice or pre-judgement. Interviewed by person totally disconnected to my role (although obviously employed by Company) I was advised would hear by "end of week" - received no contact, so I contacted them via telephone. I was advised th
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