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  1. Hi can anyone help or advise me as to what to do next? i'm a little stuck.
  2. Hi me again just got my cca through the post from Funding corporation within timescale set, they have also sent me copie's of account statements 5 pages the thing is number 1 the cca they have sent me on the first page (front cover) low and behold it has their signiture on it?, when on my copy it doesn't hmmmm thats suspect is it not? number 2 on the last statement it has page 5/5 it tells me the account balance is £0.00, now i'm not sure what that means does it mean they have sold the debt to a debt recovery or have they efd up? i will upload copies of these, but surely the contract is unenfo
  3. How can i tell if this contract is unenforceable because it really look dodgy and to be quite honest i really dont want to pay for something i havent got and especially more than the price of the car i purchased. Any one out there with some help on this Thanks Guys/Girls
  4. I thought i'd let you all know the car was repossed and they say i still owe £9k. Its now with a debt recovery company calle Apex who phone me on nearly every other day harrassing me the so and so's .
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