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  1. Hi themadcap It did indeed. I made the mistake of answering the first couple of cals and responding to the letter, but then sent a letter as per the thread, and although I received a couple more, it did just go away... Hope yours is a similar outcome? 17ND
  2. Well, just when I thought I couldn't be surprised, I got the following:
  3. Hey SpncrPaulJ Not heard anything since my last post. I would ask for confirmation of the debt in paper form, and refuse to reply to anything until you receive such. 17ND
  4. AdamG I had a similar issue last year. Look at this thread: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/parking-traffic-offences/224771-euro-car-parks-pay.html It is identical, except that this was a car park not affiliated to a railway station. I had a ticket, it was all paid for, slipped off the dash. Wrote to them, explained the circumstances, and then ignored their demands, and nothing came of it.
  5. The dealer has agreed to say I am responsible and that any pursuance should be direct to me. Have written to them both explaining my situation. Am waiting for the PPC letters...
  6. @lamma I have no paperwork from the garage. They just took the R8 and left me the loan car. No paperwork, nothing...
  7. @Al27 Long story, but yes, 26 times in 19 months it has been in, so the dealer and Audi UK are being very helpful right now... Latest episode was the ECU failing on Friday. I have an A5 as a loaner, which is what got the ticket. R8 is back tomorrow. There is another thread regarding a ticket on the R8, which has gone nowhere. That was with Euro Car Parks...
  8. @crem OK, I think I can still do that. I can reply, and advise them that I was the driver at the time, and that all correspondence should be addressed to me, however, I dispute their "charge notice" and will not be paying. I have a valid ticket for parking in the car park, and was not parked on a yellow line or hatched area. The lines are faded in the car park, and it was reasonable to expect that it was a valid space as nothing was marked to suggest otherwise. I would expect them to be unlikely to contact DVLA as I have admitted I am the driver, and they should just contact me?
  9. Dear Forum I today received an £80 Charge Notice from CP Plus Limited for a loan car from my dealership whilst my car is in for repair. I went to Wokingham station and parked in front of another car. It now appears that I wasn't parked in a valid bay. I had purchased a ticket, but the signs do say I need to park within a bay. I assumed as I parked in front of another car that I was in a bay. The charge notice from CP Plus Limited is below, and my actual ticket is under that. Do I need to pay the charge? I don't think I do from what I have read on the forums, but would like som
  10. I just received another letter, this time asking me to complete a direct debit (see below) From what I have read in the forums, I shouldn't enter into a direct debit, as they can take whatever amount they like, when they like, but I do need to know how I should respond, so that desist in sending letters. Can anyone help please?
  11. They seem to have started the phone calls again as well. I got an Unknown number which I genuinely missed, followed by a text a couple of minutes later; I know it was Global Debt Recovery, as I had them in my address book from the last time, and it came up with their name. The text just says: Mr x x Please telephone Global regarding reference XXnnnnn on telephone 0208 336 7002 What should I do? I have so many things on the go at the moment, a personal home issue, a bereavement, the winding up of one of the companies I own(ed); there must be something I can do to stop Global conta
  12. I haven't called them, or responded to the letters, but I still keep receiving them in the mail (at least the calls have stopped!) Any ideas on responding in much the same manner as the telephone harrassment letter? And more recently:
  13. All I have received two more letters from Global whilst away on business in Boston. They are both below, but the first states I have returned mail even though I am contactable at the address, and the second states that as I have failed to respond to all previous correspondence they are left with no alternative to proceed further, but as a "goodwill gesture" their client has stated they can negotiate a substantial reduction for early settlement of this debt?!? RE: the first letter; I haven't returned any mail, so I am not sure what they are on about? I would like to send a letter
  14. I had the rude phone calls too, where you can't speak. I basically overrode him, (as best I could) and said "send me some documentation that shows I owe the debt", and they sent the above screenshot "from" the bank. I asked for a copy of the original documentation and they advised "they don't do that". They also said they have a county court judgement against me which they want to enforce, but as yet, all I have is the correspondence shown in this thread. I am half-minded to ignore them, as if they had anything they would surely send it to me? 60wordsamingirl, let me know if y
  15. All, I haven't been around this week enough to follow Andy's suggestion, but I plan to in the next day or two, (work is just manic). Meanwhile, I have received another letter, shown below: I am confused, as I haven't written to them, and haven't received any further calls since asking them to send me something in writing. So I can't call them to discuss the details, as I haven't raised any as I didn't send a letter?! Can anyone advise? Meanwhile, I will follow Andy's suggestion and see if anyone else can help?
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