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  1. I have allready sent sar request all i got back was electronic sign up, statements which are different to lowells and T&C. I have wrote back to vanquis for rest of stuff i requested including cca. Thanks
  2. thanks guys I had given up the will to fight on untill these last two messages, now you nave given me new hope. Do I need to bring to lowells attention they are in default of my section 78 request or save it to use in my defenceif it gets that far thanks
  3. Hi dx100uk no claim form yet, £621.00 outstanding, looks like were dead in the water. I just dont Know how they dare present that sign up as evedence most of it is unreadable its something they could have knocked up themselves were exactly is proof of a tick, anyway thanks for all your help and all the best
  4. postage date was 17/01/2014 and says you have until 5th of february to clear
  5. OK andy thanks, this is the letter i got back from lowells after requesting items from lowell this is other DN file thanks IMG_20190219_0005.pdf IMG_20190219_0006.pdf
  6. Hi the card was approved on 14/09/2013 defaulted on 09/01/2014, the debt was sold to Lowell on 31/12/2014 had all the usual tripe from Lowells. I requested cca, copies of default notice, notice of assignment, statements of accounts, one of DN copy states it is hear by alleged that you have breached this requirement, the other copy says you have not made the required payments to your account and therefore in breach of your contract which is the true copy they are both from Lowells. I have done a SAR with Vanquis all they sent was application
  7. Hi on asking for cca + other docs this is the cca they have sent me along with some t&c, I have also got 2 default notices for the same debt which are worded very different to each other but coencide with dates, amount and account number thanks in advance for advice application forms.pdf
  8. Hi guys thanks everyone for your great advice, although you get that gut feeling that you just want to retaliate and make them feel like they have made you feel, like you say its best to ignore under these circumstances.
  9. Hi dx 100uk they had threatend us with court and I wanted them to prove who they were and to play for time, I have read on other forums to do this if a threat of court is sent to you Thanks for your replies
  10. Hi silverfox1961 i checked companies house myself and couldnt find them on there thanks for info
  11. Thanks for reply ericsbrother, that makes sense to me, I will make contact with them once more to let them know they will be getting reported to the courts service and the FCA you never know they might get their hand slapped, after that I will ignore them. thanks again ericsbrother
  12. Hi Bazooka Boo my daughter has informed me it was all done over the phone thats it, no written contract, it was about 5 years ago but she cant remember the company name.
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