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  1. I am not party to the claim, I am trying to represent the defendant.
  2. I previously asked : How do you become a party to proceedings? But I haven't got any information yet?
  3. How do you become a party to proceedings? ( I sent a donation for all your help so far!)
  4. No. There is no information regarding that any default was sent. The transaction history just states about late payments and interest, then ends. What is OC ?
  5. A hearing next week for setting aside again. I have finally received some papers from lowell: 1. vanquis digital sign appl 2. default notice 3. account history with last payment made march 2010 4. notice of assignment The biggest *problem* here is that the default notice is a sample notice with generic template information and no personal information. As I understand it, the default notice has to have been served to the defendant back in 2010. Lowell in the past 12 months cannot produce a copy of the original default notice. The defendant has never received a d
  6. The local court has now asked for my defence as it appears they do not have it. What has happened? Northampton CC lost my defence from MCOL ? What should I do exactly? Forms and such like? I replied in time to the mediation, but they came back stating there was no available appointment and it went back to court.
  7. I have already filled in N244 some months ago, got the judgement set aside previously. So I can just fill another N244 and get is set aside again?
  8. Yes of course! They haven't complied with any valid paper requests. What form do I need to fill in?
  9. I received nothing about any hearing or any date or any information about the status. Just have the letter with "defendant not attending".
  10. Although it was set aside, I did ask for it to be struck out, due to non paperwork etc. and awaited confirmation on request. Just recently the CCJ returned again as there was another hearing which I was completely unaware of and as such there was nobody to defend the claim, so judgment in default. What can I do now? this is totally unfair.
  11. I filled the above with the ammendments now I am waiting for a confirmed mediation date which I requested.
  12. Yes I filed in time. What is the response time frame from the claimant? 30 days? Still no reply from either claimant or solicitor about the section requests etc.
  13. DOD 30/11/2010 Any payment would've been around 3 months before. I thought it was around 2009, but was incorrect.
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