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  1. I would appreciate if someone could lead me in the right direction for a template for account in dispute?..........I do not know how to start my own thread.........sorry.....thanks for reply.
  2. Hi, In March I got a letter from a company callled MKRR stating that they have taken over my account from Welcome. I have written a CCA to them allowing correct reply time and nothing. I also telephoned them last Wednesday and they told me it was in the post. De ja vu.......(with Welcome)......what do i do now?......I have been paying £100 per month to MKRR since May. I am paying no more monies to them as i believe that they legally do not have a leg to stand on if they cannnot produced legal documents? Please can someone give me some advise where togo from here. Very much appreciated.
  3. Hi everyone. Had a letter today from Welcome to say that my account has been transferred to MKDP LLP. I have telephoned this company and asked what the company name is. I have discovered that the company has only been up and running since Oct last year.However they are very helpful and at least what I am now paying, the full amount is coming off the balance. No interest. Has anyone else had dealings with this company? Hope i`ve done the right thing!!!!
  4. my local branch is Kilmarnock or it was. In a telephone call made to head office they told me my local branch was now Saltcoats. On receipt of a letter few weeks ago from a Glasgow branch i haven`t a clue what the hell branch has got my agreement. What i do know, is for some strange reason they are not giving it to me.....Absolute nightmare........
  5. What will happen to welcome customers loans if they do go under? will they be written off?
  6. Postggi i got reply back from them recorded delivery stating that they are unable to give my agreement. I have it in black and white,letter dated 11th August 2009.
  7. Postggj just looked at the letter and i sent that letter at beginning of august`09.
  8. Hi, couldyou please explain how i would go about doing that please?
  9. as they are unable to give me a copy of my agreement do they actually have my agreement surely if not then it all becomes nil and void?
  10. do you wreckon i should hang fire with my payments as my partner keeps hounding me to pay them. He keeps telling me that interest is building up and up and if they do go bust someone else will take over the debt?
  11. Hi,hope you are all well. Would like a wee bit of advice please. Have written to head office requesting under s77 of the Consumer Credt Act, a copy of my the agreement, did this beginning of August`09.The reply in writing on 11th August `09 I received from head office,I quote was as follows."At the current time,we are only able to partially fulfil your request and are not able to provide you with a copy ot your agreement. We appreciate that we should be providing a copy of your agreement,I do apologise that we have not been ableto fulfil this request." I phoned head office and asked for an exp
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