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  1. Ok mate, thanks for that. It's reassuring. Just a couple of questions: What are they likely to do? Could I be called to court? What evidence do I need to keep for any future comeback. Post office receipts etc, e-mails etc? I'm so grateful for all your help. Chris.
  2. Thanks for your response. I am bit confused by what you say. Although I have no response from Belmont or the club, I am still receiving letters from the debt recovery people, threatening solicitors, court, bad credit rating etc.... Surely I can't just ignore it and do nothing? They are also saying that there are no outstanding issues on the account (despite the requests I sent!).
  3. Thanks. Should I just send a letter to the debt recovry agency, saying that I have a CCA request pending, so they shouldn't be chasing me? Anyone?
  4. On a side note, I tried to make a donation to the site and clicking on the donate button resulted in a load-bar that never moved past about a quarter full. Not sure if this needs reporting or anything.
  5. Sorry, also bear in mind that the debt agency have the same address as Belmont themselves (it appears to be a division of theirs), which makes it even more shocking that they have failed to acknowledge my request, despite signing for it.
  6. Hi again, Still no response to my CCA request and the debt recovery people have sent yet another letter, this time advising that if no payment is received within 48 hours, the case will be passed to their solicitors, court costs incurred and my credit rating ruined etc.... The letter also states that they have checked and there are no outstanding issues on my account (the CCA request was signed for). Any advice on what I should do from here. I'm really, really stressed over this, especially given the time of year. Thanks as always, Chris.
  7. Hi again, I sent the letter off as discussed above. I have just received a reply with an encolsed bill. Now there a few problems with the bill, as follows: 1) It was actually an electricity bill, not a gas bill as I first suspected. I just presumed, seeing that it was British Gas. 2) The bill was addressed to 'the occupier', not me personally (remember this was a converted house, split into 3 seperate flats. 3) The bill is dated 2006. I left the property in 2004, but the bill doesn't state how far the charges relate back to. It just states a 'carried forward' amount of £400
  8. I will do just that. Hopefully it will be enough to put an end to it. I won't mention havingno paper work then. I am a full year away from the 6 years being up.
  9. Hi Buzby, Thanks for the response. I appreciate it. Exactly what I suspected myself. I have no idea how they have associated me with the bill or how they have got my name. My wife was a tennant there too, but the letter is addressed soley to me. She went by her maiden name at the time, so perhaps that's something to do with it. How would they prove I was a customer? Surely that's impossible if I have never had any contact with British Gas. I'm not sure whether we were individually metered. We were for electricity, but I'm not sure for gas. As I said, when the landlord owned
  10. Ok, I will get them off tomorrow then. I am curious as to what their next step could be. Interestingly, I have found out tonight that the DCA are part of Belmont themselves, same address and everything!
  11. They're all printed and ready to go, but there was a crisis at my work today, so I was unable to get out to post them. I will be doing them first thing tomorrow. Should I just send the letters and wait and have no further communication with the club for now then?
  12. It never rains, it pours! Already stressed out from one financial dispute posted elsewhere in this forum, I returned home today to find a letter from a debt recovery agency called UK Search Limited, chasing an outstanding balance of £513.48 from a rented property that I was a tennant in over 5 years ago. There is no reference to the period that the bill refers to, but the property in question was initially owned by a landlord, who included all bills in one lump sum, which was the rent payment. He then took care of all bills himself. Towards the end of the agreement, the property wa
  13. It seems like he is suggesting a 3 month notice period. If this is the case, I wasn't made aware of it. I am more confused than ever now as to where I stand. I will be making a donation to this site of 24/11, when I have money available to do so. I am truly grateful of all of the help I am receiving.
  14. Hi again - As advised earlier in this thread, I made another attempt to contact the club manager to resolve amicably. Below are the e-mails (mine at the bottom, his response above it). He claims to have sent me e-mails that I haven't received and refers to 'proof'. I am not sure if this is 'proof' that my circumstances have changed or 'proof' that I want to cancel. He also gives a break down of what the original amount (circa £300) was made up of (basically a 3 month notice period, which I was unaware of) and one month owing from before that (which with proof I would probably accept). Any
  15. Addig to this, I have just checked online and my Special Delivery CCA request was received and signed for by Belmont on 29/10/2009. I have received nothing as yet. What are the implications of this?
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