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  1. Hello, Having received a letter from Lowell 12 October, why do they still appear on my credit report?
  2. Hi guys, letter from Lowell today Confirming that they are writing to me in error and will no longer contact me regarding the 'egg' debt. They would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and have removed all of there data on me. Just need to sort out this capital one issue. Thanks to everyone how looked at my post, i am in your debt.....oh no not again!!!
  3. What should i do next? I'm losing sleep over this mess and cant think straight. Most of this is over my head anyway
  4. I have removed and re-entered, thanks for that There are no dates or signatures on the terms and conditions, it has my name and reference on the top. Charges are mentioned in section 12 'Other charges and default charges' "you must pay to us the 'other charges' and 'default charges' referred to in the 'key information' (as varied from time to time)" It doesnt have any specific figures
  5. ccablack.pdf There is a separate 12 page document with my name and reference at the top. In answering your questions: 1. It starts with a summary of the apr chargeable to this agreement and then lists terms and conditions on use of the card. 2. Section 8 & 9 outline the repayments which need to be made 3. Section 4 advises a credit limit will be set by them and amended when appropriate ccablack.pdf
  6. Help Needed, Have received another letter from Lowell this morning, enclosed is a photocopy of the credit agreement with capital one It's signed and dated by me and all the details are present and correct Lowell now expect payment in seven days
  7. How do i know if they have damaged my credit report??
  8. Hi guys, Two letters received yesterday from Low-well i never First one - re capital one :- thank you for your letter blah blah, we confirm your account is on hold until we can dig out your cca. We will however keep writing to you with updates, is this ok? Second - re egg :- thank you for your letter, we confirm that no further action will be made on this account until we can provide further evidence
  9. Re Egg 'debt' Got a letter from Lowell, enclosing a letter from Egg which confirms that they have transferred the rights and the account to Lowell Portfolio The letter from egg is odd because it obviously hasn't come from egg, both peices of paper have similar printed marks to suggest Lowell have produced both documents. Anyway, the egg letter doesn't tell me anymore than i already don't know?!? I cant tell whether they have written this after receiving my letter or before, should i reply?
  10. My letter to Lowell was signed for when sent to Po Box 172 Leeds LS11 9WS
  11. Thank you very much Sam, both letters will go out this week and we shall see what they come back with
  12. I have definately made a minimum payment at some point between 2003 and 2005 to capital 1 I do not have any savings or rainy day money to pay debts on a moral basis, only if they are correct amounts and enforceable
  13. Thank you, In a nutshell, i had a gambling problem which i managed to overcome by May 2003. At that point, i had 6 or 7 credit cards and a bank loan to my name. all credit cards where up to the limit and had no way to pay anything back. I dont know where i stand with most of them except the bank loan which i paid off in full. I had so many different companies sending me letters, eventually i made a stupid decision to throw away every piece of mail i got in the post unopened. My stepdad told me when i moved into my own home not to tell them about changing address and they wil
  14. HI, new to this group I have letters from Lowell chasing for £1600+ on behalf of Capital One. I wrote to them two weeks ago requesting original credit agreement and proof of the amount due to which i have received a reply asking for more time. Now, out of the blue, they have sent another letter asking for £1000+ for a debt with egg. I have no account with egg and the previous address they have supplied is not one of mine. I feel as though i don't have the patience or the knowlegde to deal with this company and any advice would be great.
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