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  1. Thankyou rebel ! I had an email from them this morning, They have written off the debt! I cant believe its an end to all the worry, at last! Thankyou SO much, and than,you to dx to! Not only is the debt clear, theyve given me £50.00 credit, so my account is now in credit for the first time since being with BG. I cant tell you how relieved I am! I just hope they dont suddenly decide they have changed their minds and send me another email, lol, nothing would surprise me with BG, I will be keeping a close eye on my account. credit where its due, the
  2. Thankyou for replying. I emailed them and told them I wasnt happy with that, but they wont budge. I guess I have to either accept it or take it further. To be honest Im tired of fighting them, Im sick of thinking of those 2 words " British Gas".
  3. I was hoping they would take the bill back to the £332 that they said I owed before they suddenly decided to back-bill me, to be honest. Is that unreasonable?
  4. Hi, I meed opinions please, on the following. I finally heard back from British Gas, theyve made " an offer". Im just not sure what to do about it, Because Im not really that happy about it, but beggers cant be choosers and if I refuse it and go down the "Ombudsman" route I may end up worse off? Anyway, this is the email they sent today. Any advice and opinions will really really be appreciated, thanks. Dear Ms ******+ Thanks for your recent email about the issue you’ve encountered with your account. I’m sincerely sorry this issue has been ongoing for such a long perio
  5. Well still no word from anyone at British Gas. Ive resent an email every day but apart from a 2 line email by a member of the social media monitoring team saying he will chase up the complaint, British Gas have pretty much ignored me. Ive had to go to my doctor as Im not sleeping due to this worry and hes put me on sleeping pills. Thanks British Gas, for " looking after my world"
  6. Well, I had an email from JoeBG saying he was going to escalate the complaint. Yesterday a lady from British Gas called me ( despite me saying on many occassions that I want correspondence in email form only due to my cognitive/memory problems) to tell me that someone was going to call me today. Nobody called today. Ive just resent an email to give them a prod. Ive also said again that I only want to be contacted via email or letter. I had a bill today saying I owe them £1189.00. Dx, have you managed to look at my bills yet, have you any idea, if youve had time to look
  7. JoeBG Have sent a pm, if you cant get it please let me know thanks.
  8. Hi joeBG, how do I send you my details? If you cant pm is there another way please? And what details do you need? Dx, of I send him a pm will he boe able to read it, or can he not read OR send pm? Thanks
  9. Unfortunately no, i wasnt writing down the owl reading : ( Ive just tried getting on the website again but its still down being " worked on" apparently. As soon as i can access it will send you the bills dx, thanks, and anything else i think might help you. Thanks so much for helping me out like this, I cant tell you have worried i am about it all.
  10. I actually feel like cancelling ANY direct debits to British Gas at the moment, and not giving them another penny until this is sorted, but thats not going to help is it.
  11. Nope cant get onto the website, they are " updating" it or something. Just for info, I was on the day/night tariff from when I moved in here in Feb 2011...right from the start my bills were much higher than my old house ( a large 3 bed, 3 storey victorian, so it was a shock that the bills for a small 2 bed bungalow were tons higher!) I gave readings, they were always switched on the website. I queried my usage also, and on more than one occasion BG took out double the amount of direct debit, leaving me with no money, which they apologised for but then did again. and eventually I gues
  12. Ok will get the bills sent to your mail dx, thanks for all the help you are giving me, I really appreciate it. I was only put on the single tariff in the beginning of May this year, because they told me it would lower my bills. Ive been in contact with them concerning my bills since October 2011, so its something thats been going on for a while. I will go ( or try to go, as I can rarely get onto my account on the website) to the website and copy & paste the bills to you.
  13. Hi dx, Ive sent you a couple of the emails from/to BG...ive got in a bit of a mess doing it cuz Im a new ipad/goolemail user and find it all a bit complicated, lol, sorry if they come in a bit of a confusing way or are duplicated.
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