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  1. Hello James thanks for your message - unfortunately the police will not help - as this is not seen as negligence even in the eyes of the law. According to them - nothing has been done wrong - the records are whats needed to prove the facts. Regards
  2. Hello Just to give you some background into my experience - the medical records are key - if they are lost any solicitor will struggle to find a case - I have tried - and still fighting after 2 years.....my blog - "missing medical records" gives more information. Let me know if you need any advise
  3. Hello IF anyone has any similiar experiences of this - please do get in touch!...it seems that this Flaw in the NHS system is more common than we think......clearly the NHS knows that if they have done potentially something wrong - all they need to do is loose records - there is nothing that can be done!
  4. Hello - yes I contacted ICAS - and even they are unclear on what to do next. They really cannot help in taking or investigating this matter. Very worrying!
  5. Hello yes I have tried the Health Commission and frustratingly they cannot do anything - whilst they pride themselves in solving issues of maladminstration - they just cannot help - in fact they where utterly useless in even suggessting what can be done. I have tried so many organisations such as: AVMA PAL PoWHER Healthcare Commission Local NHS trust NHS Records Office Information Commissioner The GMC Data Protection Support Local MP Department of Health Unfortuantely I am getting no where. The issue is no one seems to know what to do when records g
  6. Hello there. I have contacted the BMA, GMC and my MP. I have now written again to the MP to investigate this as its clearly is a risk to other patients....let alone whats happened here. Its very sad that there is no protection at all for patients if they unexpectedly die, and records go missing.....bizarre. Regards
  7. Hello Frankieg Thank you for you message. Its very clear that the policy document they have shared with me has not been followed...clearly reason why they have lost the ENTIRE records. I am completely stuck...clearly this fundamental flaw is something that can effect anyone...and its very worrying. Regards
  8. Hello Hector 205 Thank you for your link. I have already submitted the complaint, and as per my log you will read that the trust are simply telling me what they should have done..implying the did it - and without the medical records I am lost!. the missing records - thats over 6 weeks of treatment has vanished - that is the biggest hurdle I am trying to overcome and understand.
  9. Hello Frankieg Thank you for your message. The Trust have not commented on the procedure of hte transfusion, instead have supplied me the policy producedure document. This simply says that the time to give the transfuion is as per recommendation of the Doctor on duty and written in the notes....without the notes I am stuck! I tried to see if there is any UK guidelines in giving transfusions and timings but its all abit wooley - nothing concrete. Hello Vandermwe - thanks for your post. Yes the solicitor I am using is on AVMa's list. To be honest AVMA have been very unhelpful in advi
  10. hello both thank you for your comments.....the problem I am having is from a legal standapoint in that my solicitors are struggling to prove negligence without the records- as it the hospital's word against ours!.... We clearly know what happened...and yet the Trust has responded in their offical complaints procedure things that apparently took place...for which some a blatant lies. Thats what makes the case of the missing records highly supsicious. The coroner concluded the reason for death was brochonupnoia, which at the time we did not question...and even though we did questi
  11. Hello Just to give you all an update on my situation if anyone can help further!... The Ombusdman have proved useless in assisting to locate the records - and legally there is nothing to protect us the public when records go missing. Its been 2 years now and the trust have still not found over 4 weeks of medical records that have mysteriously gone missing - its crazy. It looks like I am hand tied as cant seem to do anything now!.....or legally no solicitor is even willing to assist in helping find the records... Help ?
  12. Hello Vandermewe you may want to start a new blog as you will probably get some more advice... / help....that way people cna respond to my one as well as yours... thanks
  13. Hello VikkiBP, Yes I have contacted the GP - they were sent nothing unfortunately. Regards
  14. Thank you VikkiBP for the information. I have contacted the HA, Ombudsman and other similar organisations. They have proved so far to be very unhelpful as they themselves are not sure what happens when records go missing - its been 18months now since I have bene asking the TRUST for the records. Recently, I have sent a note to the TRUST to ask for update on the records, and have copied this to the HO who hopefully are chasing them too...... Its very frustrating as it does seem the Trust is getting way with severe maladminstration.... Regards
  15. Hello The hospital is a london one...please let me know what this means?...is PAS not used in all hospitals? Thanks
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