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  1. Well now, this is weird. I just found today another letter from BCW. This one is of the 19th November, yesterday's one was 25th November. I don't know why I found this one only now. Anyway, this is what it says.. it doesn't make much sense for me: "I write with regard to your recent communication concerning the above account and would advise that I require further information to show that you are not liable for this debt. Please provide a copy of the tenancy agreement relating to your stay at [...]. This should include documentation confirming the date you left the property and the m
  2. Sorry for the delayed reply Boo, I just really had to go to eat something. Anyway, thanks for the link to the letter, I will print it, however, I just rent a room in a house, I don't have a place completely on my own. The point is that, if somebody shows up and just asks about me, the couple that has their room right next to the front door might just let the person in and send them to me. (I'll try to tell them not to even if they are unbelievably unfriendly!) Oh, and I checked the BCW link "We take our responsibilities seriously", and if you actually click on the "here" of "We have
  3. Hi Boo, thanks for your very quick reply, but to be honest, I don't really wanna go in court, even if I'm right! I don't have any experience in any kind of legal thing. I would just be an easy prey I think. Plus, I'm Italian, my English is ok but with all the technical words used in this business, I'm sure I wouldn't even be able to understand what's going on!
  4. Ok, so, to quickly recap up to this point: 1) Buchanan Clark & Wells asks me £280 pound for two years (2007-2009) of unpaid gas bills, but I was not in the flat any longer since 2007. 2) I send them the "prove it" letter, as you guys of this forum suggested me to do. 3) They ignore my letter and start threatening me with Legal Actions, saying that I made no attempt to contact them. 4) I send them the "prove it" letter AGAIN, this time with RECORDED DELIVERY. 5) They send me back the copy of a meaningless gas estimate with my name on it, which is their "proof" of my
  5. Thanks a lot guys, I'll keep updated if I hear from them again after sending my letter.
  6. This is great news Boo, I'm really glad you found this old topic for me. There is only one problem now: as according to them I was still living in the place in august 2009, they won't recognise that more than one year has passed and that they have therfore lost the right to claim any money over old bills. According to their clock, it has only been two months.
  7. That would be awesome! I hope you find more about it! That would be the end of the story!
  8. Well I guess I will have to try and send this letter, so at least I will have done my part regardless of if they ignore it or not. I'm desperatly trying to contact the agency that let the flat two years ago, so they can maybe write up some document that states that I left the flat in summer 2007, not two months ago. That would be a proof hard to ignore I think...
  9. Hi Huff&Puff, glad you are still following me in this. What I'm thinking to do now is to send another letter with recorded delivery and let them know at this point that I left the flat more than two years ago, and that they are asking me to pay for the time in which I wasn't there. I will also mention that sending this pseudo gas bill now doesn't mean anything, and it doesn't prove I was in the flat using their gas for the last two years. If after this they keep sending me letters, I will ignore them I guess.. but can't they take me to court if I do like this? I'd really prefer to
  10. I've posted the continuation of the story here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/228921-newbie-asks-help-again.html Hope somebody can suggest me what's the best thing to do now.
  11. Hi everybody, I’m posting here the latest updates about my problem with Buchanan Clark & Wells. Couple of years ago, I stayed in a flat in London for about six months and a half, always paying all my gas bills from the beginning. Now BCW says that I have to pay £280 for unpaid gas bills, for the supply period that goes from 01/12/2006 (the day I moved in the flat) to 04/08/2009 (despite the fact that I moved out of the flat on 16/06/2007!). So: 1) they are saying that I never paid a single gas bill (for the period of time in which I was actually there, 01/12/2006 to 16/06/2007) and
  12. Well, thanks guys, I'm feeling a bit more relaxed now Well then, tomorrow morning I'll send them again the "prove it" letter, this time via recorded delivery, and then I'll just wait and see what happens. Thanks, I will keep updated as I have more!
  13. Well, this scares me even more.. If they can do whatever they want, what stops them from charging me with these Interests and Costs (on top of this imaginary "debt") even if they are not entitled to, like cerberusalert was telling me? What stops them from breaking into my house? Can they really do whatever they want to this degree?
  14. They CANNOT charge any Interests and Costs at all??? Why not? (sorry, It's not that I don't trust your help, it's just that I wanna understand...) Do they just lie on documents like that then? And it is still unclear to me... in what the Legal Enforcement eventually consists of? (PS: What does it mean that "they can swivel"? sorry, English is not my first language, so I don't know this expression yet.. I tried googling it but I found other definitions..)
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