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  1. Sorry ,Having trouble getting photos uploaded ( iPad ) one thing I did notice, the place where the car was parked... The bottom of the sign height is 11 1/2 to 12 foot high !
  2. Eric's bro , sorry if the way I was trying to explain,the situation was misunderstood .just to make it clear my son as the registered keeper sent off a letter to c e l . stating the points you made . I would appreciate any input you might offer going forward
  3. Eric's bro , thanks for your info .ive sent a letter stating the points you advised . So my whole defence would be .... They are just trying to make money out of people under "false pretensess" or not strictly by the letter of the law . I don't know "LAW" not sure I could argue any point of law In any courtroom .
  4. Am I right in thinking , the keeper is now is responsible , and can't use this as a defence . If so .... Is just a case of , from the offset they are just wrong in law , and if you don't understand the law they will try and take advantage of people , and cash in .
  5. Am I right in thinking ,they don't have to pursue the driver anymore because the keeper has to take responsibility
  6. So I will write , and send by recorded delivery ? This will be he first time we have communicated at all
  7. Thanks ,Eric's bro . I understand it is our decision .... But if we send this letter off what ,in your opinion would their response be ? Court ..... Would you send a written letter or email etc . Cheers
  8. In your opinion ..... dya think I should just wrap this up pay them ! Cos it looks like if you take these "No good bums " on you've got to do it the right way . Unfortunately this was a situation where my son unwittingly found himself in . Maybe you should be made to pay before you gain entry to car parks... Because this is a licence to print money for these people . And now they can do it with the backing of the backing of the corrupt legal system ! It should be there for the PEOPLE not for corporate business . thanks for kind advice
  9. The co-op Evesham . Civil enforcement ltd What do you reckon ?
  10. Date 10 June 2017 . When ticket was issued . Another letter came sometime latter , I take it this was NTK . sorry I don't know exactly when . This was returned to sender without being opened because he no longer lives here. We have now received , from CEL. LETTER BEFORE ACTION Dated 12/09/17 . Stating £140 must be paid within 14 days or further action will be taken . he entered the co-op car park to pick a friend up at 16:47 to 17:02 these are the times on the Pcn .this was most definitely very harsh treatment .he didn't even know he had to get a
  11. My son got a pcn (ANPR) in a supermarket car park . He was there for 10mins and never got out of the car , he didn't think he even needed a ticket (wrongly) He never acknowledged it and has since moved out and is at university . We have received a letter before action , saying he must reply within 14days or the matter will be taken further. Apparently there is an appeal process , but it looks like that's to late . They are now asking for £140 .... what is the best course to take at this late date......... Thanks for any help
  12. OK cheers for that. I will leave it there and ride the wave ,I'll stay in touch. Thanks
  13. Do I appeal to IAS ? Or wait for a communication from someone else .and what's the score about the ( driver ) I am the registered keeper , but was not the person who parked the car . So how can I be liable ? Apart from everything else including , £4 per visit ( which was paid ) considering these points how can I be responsible for any so called contract. Thanks
  14. Thank you , ES ppc have said I can appeal to IAS do i ignore this ? And then who will the next communication be from . PS . I really was not driving the car is this not a clear reason for contesting this invoice . Again , thanks for your help
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