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  1. Not 100% sure as its been a while since I worked in the business, but I believe in the event of a total loss, they ask you to settle all outstanding premiums as the insurance on that vehicle has ended for good. Are they asking for the whole premium or pro-rata to date of accident? If your son had fully comp insurance, his insurance company would handle everything inc chasing the third party, however if he had TPFT cover, you will probably end up handling this yourself direct with the other party's insurer.
  2. You need to get other opinions, but its my understanding that product liabilty insurance covers against installed goods being defective and causing damage to property. That ismt the same as a halfwit builder taking a good product and installing it badly imho https://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/insurance/faq/what-is-product-liability-insurance/
  3. Public liability covers damage to members of public by the builders actions....ie tiles fall off roof and hit a member of public Employers liability covers injury to builder and people working for him on site....ie someone falls off a ladder and cant work for 6 months Product Liability Insurance is for where the product being installed is defective in some way....ie he installs a faulty electrical item and it cathes fire Builders Professional Indeminity (quite rare) would cover against his mistakes and omissions Contract Works Insurance covers jobs that are underway and get messed up by outside forces such as fire and flood. Most builders of any repute would probably have 1 and 2, the rest is a maybe Hope this helps....im not an insurance expert, just work for some brokers doing their books etc for 20 years and have heard lots of tales You need to find out what cover he has.
  4. Over 3 years later, my brother has had yet another OPC chase up letter....over 5 years since the original incident Usual threatogram advising to him pay or will consider immediate court action. My initial reaction was to file it with all the others, however he was concerned that the advice on other consumer sites is now not to ignore such letters, and send in a sternly worded letter stating your intention to defend any action etc Seeing as CAG has steered me right on all other matters, and that this is so old it is outside POPLA, I would appreciate some confirmation of correct action Given that it was dark, peeing with rain, he was visiting me and can call me as a witness, surely this one is a load of old bull?
  5. When you sued these people originally, was it definitely a limited company (or PLC or LLP) that you listed as the defendant?
  6. Oh well....did another credit search today and the Cabot/M&S defaulted account is still showing there 12 days after it should have disappeared. I guess its a complaint/request to Cabot asap. Equifax seem to have a labyinth of online menu options to follow before you can get anything done Why is nothing straightforward?
  7. Should the CRAs automatically remove a 6 year+ defaulted debt or do I need to do something myself? Just got an Equifax Report today, and was rather disappointed to see that this M&S Card debt is still showing despite an (incorrect) default date of 30.05.10
  8. Aye - just fancied having an extra string to my bow in case I was to get some demented old judge who accepted the default date on my credit file was the relevant date. Anyway will just wait and see if anything arrives in the post
  9. I read somewhere that Marlin Financial were sold to Cabot recently. In the last week Ive started to get 2-3 calls a day on my work telephone number (Im self employed and work from home) - they always ask me to go through security and I always refuse politely and put the phone down. I think they are getting into a lather having seen the default date registered with the CRAs is 20.05.10......only thing is, this debt is statute barred from quite a while back. Last payment date October 2009, Default note dated early Jan 2016 with 14 days to rectify. Fully anticipating getting a last minute court claim if they are working off their wrong date on file Will have to formulate a defence that mentions statute barred AND change from storecard to credit card without paperwork
  10. Do not assume that the default date on your credit file is actually the date that your account was put in default - often there can be many months between the default notice being issued and a default being registered with the credit agencies. There was seven months difference on two of my accounts, and many others have had big differences between the two dates.
  11. Was this always a credit card, or was it one of the many in house store cards that was converted to a credit card?
  12. Your relevant dates are even closer to mine than I originally thought. You must not assume that the default date on your CRA is the same as when a default notice was issued to you. In my case there was six months difference and I know from reading other forum links that this was pretty typical. Barclaycard (often via Moorcroft Debt Recovery) would issue a default notice, but carry on charging on late fees and interest for many months before giving up the ghost and assigning the debt. The statute barred period runs to six years from the first cause of action, not from when it got registered with a CRA. A default notice will give you a set period to rectify the breach (in my case 17 days) after which they can unleash hellfire and brimstone on you. Your date of last payment gives a good chance of staute barred, but getting sight of the default notice/rectification date would possibly make it rock solid. The interest rate thing looks like a typo - 8% interest on £11k for around 6 years is not far off the interest figure you quote
  13. Is 29.07.10 the date that is showing as default date on your credit file? If thats the case, then the actual date you would have received a default notice was probably several months previous. (The dates you are quoting are very similar to my own case) I would hazard a guess that 29.07.10 is the date that MKDP took over your debt, and thats the date they registered with CRA? In my case, last payment was 09.10.09, default notice issued 11.01.10 with 17 days to rectify the breach.. ...all of which passed the six year mark with nothing from Hoist. In your case, your last payment was a month later (would be useful to get the exact date) but you could still be okay for statute barred. From what Ive read on these wonderful forums, while some judges allow statute bar to run from date of last payment, some work from default notice date - so best to cover all bases.
  14. If it helps stiffen your resolve, I just searched Link Financial at Companies House, and they made £4million profit in their last published accounts......poor dears
  15. Ive been going through a similar situation as yourself with MKDP (Now Hoist Portfolio) and Robbers Way. My last payment was October 2009, default note 11.01.10 and rectification date on DN of 28.01.10 My default was actually registered with the credit agencies with the same date MKDP took over the debt (July 2010). It seems that Barclaycard like to fleece people for a few extra months interest and charges before throwing in the towel. Would be interested to know if yours was the same. Having exchanged views with slick, its my view that the cause of action date is no later than the rectification date on the DN. After that date, they could have chosen to commence legal action - the fact they chose to delay is down to them and should not alter the start of the limitation period. Its entirely possible this is a bit pessimistic, and the cause of action is more closely linked to the date of last payment.....as im sure you know by now, its all a bit vague
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