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  1. Sorry to dig up an old post, but I was reminded about it last month and thought I had better update Mr Conniff. On the 28th of last month, there was the patter of tiny feet (in fact a total of four feet as it was girl twins). Mother, father and offspring all doing well. Uncle (me) wondering how the hell to finance two lots of birthday and christmas presents!!! p.s. brother in law now a Ford Master Technician at a privately owned Ford dealership is still 'looking after' my cars - currently a new Mondeo.
  2. Hi, Apologies for the delay in finally updating this thread, I was only reminded about it yesterday. The ****** garage owner eventually appeared in court last year. There were a large number of charges brought by the Police, Vosa, Trading Standards and HM Revenue & Customs. It transpired my sister was not the only one who had been ripped off by this alleged garage. Amongst the various other charges were also handling stolen vehicles and 'ringing' vehicles and laundering money. The defendent was sentenced to 24 months imprisonment with some other people involved receiving lesser s
  3. Hi all, After a gap of many months, a bit of an update. The garage owner did declare himself bankrupt and the Official Receiver is dealing. My sisters claim is lodged with the Official Receiver on the off chance there is some payment to creditors. She will be very lucky to even get pennies in the pound we have been told as there are priority creditors such as HM Revenue & Customs re non payment of tax and VAT and the local council re non payment of business rates ahead of her in the queue for payment. Also there are a number of 'non priority' creditors such as Snap on Tools, a
  4. Hi, My apologies for the delay, but just an update on this saga. The garage in question closed down a few weeks ago (co-incidentally after a visit from Trading Standards and I believe Vosa - hence I believe it may actually have been closed down by them). The premises are apparantly being reposessed (although this is not confirmed) and are going to be put up for sale. The garage which carried out the initial MOT also lost its MOT Testing Station status and also closed down pretty quickly afterwards as well (we now know both were owned by the same person). We understand from the
  5. Hi Conniff, Fortunately my sister is a member of a union where she works, and as part of her membership they offer a free legal help scheme whose solicitors have now taken up the case on her behalf and lodged a claim with the small claims court on her behalf. She only remembered about her union membership benefits a week or so ago - good job she did or it may have cost her if she had approached a solicitor privately (I mentioned before that she was a bit dizzy but for once she remembered something helpful!). I am not sure whether Trading Standards took the cheque (i will have to as
  6. Sorry for the delayed update - I've been working away. Well, the cheque went bouncey bouncey - Refer to drawer. The matter is now in the hands of the local Trading Standards and my sister has lodged a claim at the small claims court. Trading Standards visited her yesterday and took a very detailed statement off her and seized the bill and the receipt, MOT certificate and the copies of the photographs I had taken at the Ford dealer (they gave her a receipt for everything, particularly for the MOT certificate). Trading Standards have said they will liase with VOSA as well (I t
  7. Hi all, Another bit of an update: Firstly I belive under the 2-4-6 cheque clearing cycle, it takes 6 working days before we can be sure the cheque hasn't bounced, so we will have to wait a bit longer to make sure the cheque isn't going to bounce. Now, her new friend at the Ford garage has had a look at the MOT cetificate and it was issued by a differant garage to the one she took the car to. He went along to the ****** garage last night and confirmed it does have an MOT sign (the three triangles thing) on display. He is going back this morning in daylight to take some picture
  8. Thanks all. She will bank the cheque in the morning. It is interesting it is a personal cheque in the name of the proprietor as opposed to a business cheque in the name of the garage. I smell some sort of tax dodge here as well but as long as it clears.....................!!
  9. Hi, Thanks for all the help so far. Well an update of sorts. My sister yesterday received a cheque for the sum of £600 from the garage, which according to the accompanying letter is 'in full and final settlement of the genuine mistake with the initial bill'. (Genuine mistake my ar5e is my thought). If she banks the cheque does that imply she has accepted it as 'full and final settlement' because neither of us are happy about it and think a full refund is in order? On the other hand is that the most we are likely to ever get (assuming of course the cheque isn't made
  10. Hi, I can assure you this is no marketing ploy. Whilst i may praise one person at Dagenham Motors, my view of their sister company 'up North' ie Polar Ford is definately not printable on a forum and is only beaten by the garage that this thread refers to. Anyway, back on track, still nothing heard from the garage proprietor. He has had the letter for a few days now, so I don't know if he is making us wait on purpose or is just going to completely ignore it. Just in case we end up there, would this come under the small claims court juristiction? Many thanks
  11. Hi all, Just an update - well no update really as nothing has been heard from the garage proprietor. I have sent a letter of praise to the CEO of Ford Retail (who own Dagenham Ford) copied to the Principle of the Branch concerned. My sister getting on well with him apart, it was very good of the technician in question to do what he did. I know big dealer chains do get some stick at times but they have been excellent. Anyway I will update further when I have more to report.
  12. Hi all again, Sorry for the delay in responding. I was away with work all today and could only confirm tonight that the letter and photos which had been sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery had been signed for which they had been at 1120hrs today. Anyway, my sister had a call this afternoon from the garage proprietor. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my sister mentioned aboiut the Ford garage not being able to get one of the back wheels off, to which the response was apparantly (allegedly) that they couldn't get it off either that was why the rear brake pads were not changed
  13. Hi all, A further update. I know the letter I sent to the garage by Special Delivery was signed for yesterday according to the Royal Mail website. However the garage owner has still not rang either me or my sister to make any ''offer.' Anyway, her car was taken to the Ford main dealer this morning (I went there with my sister) to get the brakes looked at. The Ford dealer has stated that although there are new pads fitted to the front, the discs are in no way new ones only fitted a week ago (and done less than 65 miles). So despite being charged for front discs and pads, only t
  14. Hi all, Many thanks for the replies. I have typed up a letter re me acting for my sister which she has now signed (it meant a 100 mile round trip for me to get her to sign it) and which I will post off by Royal Mail Special Delivery today (I thought doing it by Special Delivery will mean they cannot say they haven't received it). I have also told my sister to book her car into the local Ford main dealer as she says the brakes don't feel as good as they did before the service (should also help prove whether or not they actually did change the pads/discs etc which they billed h
  15. Well, at 8.30pm last night the garage proprietor did ring me. At first he said they had done all the work on the bill. When he realised I knew what I was talking about re the 2.0 Duratec engine being chain driven and the car having rear discs his story changed saying they must have got my sisters bill muddled up with another customers bill as apparantly they had two Ford Focuses (Foci?) in for service and MOT that day (albeit my sisters name and car registration number is on the bill). I asked him if he could give my sister the other parts that had been taken off the car during the serv
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