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  1. I have just had a private message from someone who got a PCN in a similar situation outside Eastbury Primary School. Apparently they appealed and it was turned down. I am still waiting to hear from the council for a response to my appeal. They said that they would respond within 3 months, and if they miss this deadline, I am considering making a complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman for failure to respond within their deadline. What do you think? PS. I think it unfair that I was given deadlines of 14-days and 28-days to respond, whereas the council gives themsleves 3 month
  2. On the 28th day, I submitted an online challenge to the PCN as follows: There has been a procedural impropriety (described below) on the part of the enforcement authority. (a) The photographs clearly show that my vehcile was not parked on school entrance markings. (b) My vehicle was parked on a single yellow line at a time when parking is allowed. Possible complications: 1. I moved 6 months ago - and only submitted my logbook for my new address a week ago - so the address on my appeal is different to the address that they wrote to me at (forwarded by Royal Mail). I wonder if they
  3. Just to let you know that ... it is a CPZ ... but the restriction is 1.30-2.30, which is not when the vehicle was parked! I am about to submit the "the contravention did not occur" message....
  4. I'm not sure if I'm brave enough, but will have in the back of my mind in case they get annoying.
  5. How do you deal with them when they visit?
  6. And thank you for forcing me to learn how to upload photos - this has also been the first time that I have used an internet based forum.
  7. I will have to go back and double-check for CPZs, but I do know for certain that the cars on the other side of the road are parked legally, which is why I suspect it is not a CPZ. I really appreciate the time and advice that you have give on this. Thanks.
  8. Are are you saying the No Stopping on Entrance Markings sign invokes a Controlled Parking Zone, which automatically includes any single yellow lines. If so, how far does the CPZ extend, because there are yellow lines either side of both the sets of zigzags too? If not, just to clarify, I haven't parked over the words, yellow zig zags look like this. (Link.) i.e. each set of zigzag markings includes words with zigzags at each end. There are two sets of zigzag markings on this road, each with words in the middle. Also, the yellow line (with the words) which link the two zigzags runs along
  9. It is a bit weird that legislation relates zigzags to entrances (schools, fire stations, etc), whereas the PCN does not use the work "entrance". Do you think that I should also mention the lack of sign linked to the single yellow line in case their reason for issuing the PCN "Stopped in a restricted area outside a school" includes both zigzags and single yellow lines that happen to be on school roads?
  10. Photo 1: (showing car parked on single yellow line) Photo 2: Just about showing that there are 2 separate school entrance markings (i.e. zigzags). Also, other cars indicate that it is not a CPZ. Background: There is no sign indicating a parking restriction (as required, I think) by the single yellow line. (I wouldn't park on a yellow zigzag!)
  11. Thanks for the advice. To be honest, all I could find on Tinipic.com was links to other websites. I'll keep plugging away at flikr or keep looking for other options.
  12. First attempt! (Apparently the trick was to use a Guest Pass.) Zoomed-in showing parked on single yellow - not part of the zig zag indicating a school entrance. Zoomed-out, just about showing that there are two separate school entrances, each with zig zags. Also, there is parking on the other side of the road, so I suspect that it is not a CPZ.
  13. Please help me with linking photos from flikr. (I have looked for the answer in the FAQs here and on Flikr.) I clicked "share it" on Flikr, which gave me a link. I logged out of flikr and then clicked the link and it asked for a password. Does that mean the picture won't be accessible here on my thread? If so, this might be obvious, but it is probably because I selected - don't share my photos. Is this the only way to proceed? But, if I have to make my photo visible to all, then, what if I want to share photos about one thing with one forum, and photos about another thing on ano
  14. I'll let you know what happens when I get a knock on the door.
  15. I have uploaded photos to flikr. Do I simply post them here by clicking on the photo button and then entering the web address of my photos? But ... wouldn't this give you guys access to all my photos? What is the secure/recommended way of uploading the photos?
  16. Lamma, the link didn't work for me. But I did find this Traffic signs legislation but ... I can't tell whether or not it is a summary of SI 2003/3113 or something different.
  17. I will try to post pictures - I think I read somewhere that I have to open a flikr account. Will try.
  18. Bernie-the-Bolt: Thanks for the advice. I will keep it simple: "The photographs show that the alleged contrevention did not occur." May I ask one more question. Is a Controlled Parking Zone an area indicated by a sign as you drive into it - or is a controlled parking zone something else? I'm a bit confused about single yellow lines being allowed without a sign because how would one know what times parking was restricted?
  19. I believe that when they do apply for a search warrant they almost always find a tv set. However, that might be because it is usually people who have a TV set that don't let them in when they come for a visit.
  20. I don't have a TV, nor a tuner on my PC, nor do I watch live broadcasts on iPlayer. And ... I've had lots of letters from TV Licensing since I moved to a new property. I'm also not required by law to respond to TV Licensing. I'm also not required by law to allow them into my home ... without a warrant. I don't respond to their letters out of principle, because about 10 years ago, I did write and phone, and the letters just kept on coming! Part of me wants to stick up for myself and not let them in - but part of me doesn't want some sort of police record about a "warrant" having b
  21. I have been looking through the 'Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (SI 2002/3113)'[1], but I was after even more information! 1. Does anyone know if SI 2002/3113 been superseded by any legislation? 2. Also, SI 2002/3113 talks about the physical description of road markings and signs, and which signs go with which markings, etc.; but I would like to know which legislation actually covers the definition of being parked, so that I can see exactly what it says about being parked on yellow lines, etc. Is it simply the Highway Code or do you know if there is specific le
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