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  1. thanks for your reply x i don't like giving my card details out via phone or direct debit anyway as i was duped a few years ago when i thought i was making a payment for £6 and they took £130 this was a different company through out and wouldnt give me it back ...so i only deal with them in writing so i can pay as i plaese bank or by standing order thanks again and happy new year when it comes x heather
  2. i had a very account whick i paid every month online ..till i tried to pay on 20th December and was told on a message at top of page i couldn't access account and to contact this number for customer service ( i thought it was a problem with the website so tried over next couple of days) .. on 23rd i phoned to be told Very could Not accept payment ..and gave me another number who told me the same ..they them gave me a number which i have since found out is for Nico / Rma . .very say the account is still with them and other debt company is collecting for them .. they also confirmed this on an email i recieved today from very ... ( i used to get two statements from Very / NDR each month with same balance and had never missed a payment on the DMP ) i dont feel comfortable giving my debit card details over the phone to some company i don't even have paperwork from also what i have read online about Nico / Rma they can be a bunch of rougues
  3. if you can get an appointment with a CAB advisor they might be able to help you ..there is no need to pay a 3rd party ..cccs and payplan offer free advice and help as well in the meantime just pay the catalogue comapny what you can affoard .. and not what they are asking for
  4. Can't find any relevant paperwork but i first recieved my barclaycard in 1995 and paid ppi as i thought you had to at the time .. in 2000 i was made redundant ..( claimed on insurance for first month as unemployed ) but got a job within 3 weeks after 5 months we were put on a month to month contract and left the job to go back to college ...and cancelled the PPI i remember cancelling ppi payments around 2001 as (1) when reading the small print couldnt claim as i hadnt been in job long enough (2) ..wouldn't be able to claim as i was now a student .(3) ..also had ongoing back pain/condition so this would disqualify me if i claimed on sickness .....didnt know this till i read all the small print ..it was like house insurance i though you need it just in case and essential with credit card . barclaycard Credit card was taken out via a salesman at holiday camp i was at .. must have been around 1995 and can't remember them mentioning ppi but i do remember paying it as part of monthly charge Would i be able to try and reclaim misold PPI from this far back if i stopped paying ppi around 2001 Any advice would be appreciated
  5. droyds phone number is 0844 855 0916 open 8am till 8.30pm
  6. Lovells sorry lowells another one of my favourites ...not ..they dont send payments slips to me so how am i supposed to pay them ...cost me to pay over the phone
  7. have you been to see the CAB or CCCS they sometimes take more notice via a third party ....i have just found my written agreement from littlewoods extra (now very) agreeing to reduced payments b and suspend interest for 36 months getting it sent to advisor and them direct by recorded delivery tommorow
  8. i have been on a repayment plan via NDR (littlewoods now Very) for nearly 2 yrs via the cab ...my advisor recently sent a yearly report and new offer of payment to then and i recieved a reply from Very this morning .... according to our records oyour clients balance is XXXXX it is not our policy to suspend interest (must be new have done it last year and a half) look forward to recieving a payment scedule ...meanwhile a token payment should be made by 19th April until an agreement is made (recieved this letter this morning 21st april)
  9. i often wonder if they get manage to get a copy of the signature when you sign for any item ordered previously at door
  10. have you been to see CAB or CCCS for advice regarding the phone calls im sure there is a letter template for harrasement ..by the ammount of times they phone ..cost me 75p on my mobile just to find out who called and it was vertbadet/redaroute up till now i havent had any problems with droyyds DC until i phoned them up to pay my usual £5 a month and they said they couldnt accept any less than £15 from me ..told them id pay what was on letter and contact cab ... to which i recived another letter wanting £54 every 2 weeks ....only owe them £55 .. so will be getting £1 a month for their cheek
  11. thanks and thanks to everyone who has offered great advice ...i thought littlewoods were bad but lowell company takes the buscuit so far
  12. Thanks for your reply ...i will also sent them letter as well not to call me by phone had already told them to contact my case worker at cab ..but she is off sick at the moment thats why she hadnt replied to them direct ...i had made two payments ...just to show i wasnt ignoring them ..same as i was paying littlewoods ....but they said they couldnt accept ...as would need to pay what they worked out from seeing my new I&E plus they dont make it easy as not proper bank giro slip at bottom of letters) they sent . I tried 3 banks (inc barclays) and they couldnt accept them...sent cheque ..brother wrote it as wasnt giving then my card details ...when they phoned me the other day they were only interested in full amount and asked me for card details / which card was i paying with they wouldnt listen when i said i wasnt paying them ...id pay what i was paying littlewoods but will get ..request for cca before i pay anymore
  13. ...littlewoods sold my debt on to this company as well 2 months ago ...and now getting harrased by phone calls daily (different numbers ) and letters every other day even though i told them cab were dealing with my case ..and told them to contact my case worker have continued to pay them what i paid littlwoods but on phone 7 letter said they will only liase with me and i have to send them a new I&E form before they will accept repayment plan .... why do they not listen think my ccca letter will be in once postal strikes over
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