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  1. ok its been a while but the finance company still have the van, ive sent several emails, made several phone calls and they keep phobing me off saying the inspection is next week, then I ring a wk later and they say its not been done yet, and even get short and rude. They said they are waiting for the report to be written up. I also said I want a full refund and they basically said that wouldnt be the case? I asked if they could send me a copy of inspection and they said 'it depends' on what? Shall I write the letter before action anyway? i was waiting for inspection but has been with finance c
  2. They did ring when they found out about vehicle being collected even though I requested in writing not to call me. Everything has been done in writing (recorded) Im awaiting the report from the lease companies inspection, they said its a little complicated. Should I just write it and then its done? obviously informing and copying lease company who have been great but just a little slow re gathering evidence.
  3. I went through the cert they just sent for the van,only now and firstly they dont have any vehicle details on except 'van' (could be any van?) and secondly they are only valid for twelve months and therefore should have been re tested before delivery as out of date when delievred. I have written back, but surely they cant use these if there are no vehicle details what so ever!Funny how they are panicing now, but they are just making it worse for themselves?? They will have to give in as its over weight for sure, but they have told me that they will me making modifications to resolve, but I sai
  4. Fab, & thankyou for all your help, Im hoping that the lease company give me a refund, but not sure they will unless they get the money from the supplier. I take it its now not my repsonsibility, and dont even have log book?
  5. Hi, thanks again, Well the van is an 08 plate, and I was suppose to be an x demo vehicle. The seller/supplier said I must have amended the vehicle?? Anyway as thes people wanted the vehicle so much I told them to contact finance company, rang late today and they havent heard from them today, all a little strange. The finance company are now doing their inspection/investigation, they have the log book, and reported to me that after the heavy water canisters are off, the brakes still arn't very good. The finance company let me make a small payment this month plus they havent requested any f
  6. Oh, all of a sudden when they found out it was being taken away for checks etc, the demanded to come and collect it, and they told me to cancel the people collecting and they wanted it, they have the right to have the vehicle, seem very worried now. I am waiting for th eindependent people to come and collect, they also said their weight was without a driver, stock and wouldn't answer if it was with or without water canisters. They are desperate to get the vehicle before the people who come to inspect it. I haven't agreed, I said I wil wait until these people come who are independent, but they
  7. Ok, so in what regards misleading? As he has mislead me all the way along, he has had other angry customers I have heard?? I really appriciate your help, as when things began to go wrong, I assumed I had no rights until I came on here, thankgod!
  8. Fab, I will check it all out, get this independent guy to get it weighed and tested etc then I have more evidence and witnesesses. I will get this letter drawn up and send tomorrow after weighing. The company have nothing written on vehicle, I assumed they where approved by manufacturer, but no! I dont even know the name of the convertors, they aren't disclosing this I have also asked who carried out inspection, they wont say. I know I have a good case. This van is a death trap!
  9. Well its over weight without stock by nearly 40kg, this is with a driver as this is included as its the total weight. Somehow the supplier said it was 740kg, but really cant believe how they got this unless what I stated above! I have leased through my business but garentored it personally with a family member, and its cost me greatly as this was the delivery side of business but its failed because of faults. They advertised it on web: [/url]The Healthy Bug has arrived! Drive your business into profit with a mobile catering van. Take smoothies and espresso based drinks to businesses, marke
  10. Hi Thankyou, I have done all what you have said in two letters as the first reponse was awful from supplier, I sent recorded delivery and to the lease company, have collected all evidence etc, I have formally rejected it in writing but he has formally rejected my rejection? He threatened me previously after my first letter on the phone that basically he wont back down!I am going to take it to be weighed tomo with an inspector, as I assume his weight which cant be accurate is without the water canisters diesel and a driver as these are obviously removeable and he asked me previous to take th
  11. Ok, need urgent help, I have had a letter back, by someone else this time so a litte better, they are attemping to wriggle out again but worded it better, they also have said they are not accepting my rejection but no grounds they just say they will resolve outstanding problems?? I am shocked as there is so much and it has got me into financial difficulty as of non use etc.They have now sent safety cert but all they say is 'van' no reg number etc, so how do I know its mine?? I really need a refund as soon as poss? What do I do now?
  12. Yep its on a lease and I own it after last payment, I have been doing everything through them but they dont say anything so still dont know whats happening, but did get a phone call today and they said that the finance company are coming to collect vehicle. I can only make minimal payments as have no income because the van was the biggest part of business. Do you know how long it takes to sort out a refund? I know the supplier is dragging his feet, but really you should have seen his letter, awful, completely didnt know how to respond and it was eveident he had lame excuses. He hasnt responded
  13. Hi this post was a little delayed, but now I got the vehicle weighed and is just over the legal weight limit with no stock on. I have also recieved a letter from supplier who hasnt answered questions, who puts all the blame on me and obviously didnt mention anything to do with the rejection? what do I do? Ive written back once again and threatened legal action. What should my lease company be doing? It put such financial strain on me with nearly£800 lease per month?
  14. Hi all, sorry this is a major long one! Hi purchased a van 3 and a half months ago to sell coffee etc from it, since buying it I have had major problems ever since and still do, ive listed below. 1. The van did not have a log book supplied. I had to write to the DVLA, this took four weeks approx, and could not use the vehicle due to needing road tax and also the vehicle was registered to somebody else. The van was never assigned to me until recently. (This totalled 4weeks out of use) 2. It took approx 2weeks to go through the training on vehicle (2weeks loss) after being deli
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