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  1. Hi all just to let you know i got my refund after 27days, i was constantly ringing everyday and asking where it was up to and then my file was passed to a Team Leader and put into my bank on that very day yeah!!
  2. Hi, i have spoken to RBS yesterday and my refund is in the paymenst department now waiting to be authorised, any idea on how long this will take? It has been 23 days now!!
  3. Thankyou, i think i will be waiting the 28days but i hope its sooner.
  4. Hi, i have claimed my PPI back from a natwest loan i had, the refund is being done by RBS i have signed my forms and agreed to a refund back into my current account, does anyone know how long this will take? My letter states 28days but do they have to write this as the maximum timescale?? Thanks
  5. Hi, this amount is from a small loan which has had interest on i kept getting another loan to pay the 1st one back, i cancelled my DD and reported my bank card lost so they could not take the funds out of my bank acc, QQ offered a payment plan but said my acc needed to be in default so i let it fall into default and then they said they wanted £200.00pm which i cannot afford, once your acc goes into default the interest will stop. If you havenot paid within 90days it goes to a debt collection agency who will contact you and arrange a payment plan, i want to pay £50.00 pm which QQ will not accept so i am letting my acc go to the debt agency and deal with them, this is my only choice.
  6. Hi i have cancelled my bank acc and the only way i would make a payment is via paypal as i do not trust them with my bank details or debit card, but they will only send me a link for paypal for £200.00 so i think i will be waiting until it goes to debt agency to deal with them x
  7. Hi i currently owe quickquid £412.00 i paid £100.00 last month and they want me to pay £200.00 this month and £212.00 next month, i advised them that i need to set up a payment plan and they wont listen, they are so rude and unhelpful!! I have spoken to Nationa Debt Line and they have advised me to let them send the debt to a debt agency and then set up a payment plan with them, i really do want to pay but i cant afford what they are saying, has nayone got advice?? Thanks
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