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  1. You misunderstand me.. I am not advising they counterclaim in the court system sense. I mean "counter claim" as in argue/debate the full onus of responsibility and that by way of settling the matter they could argue the car was, not illegally parked, but parked in such a manner that it caused an obstruction to pavement users..
  2. If the car had been parked on the pavement and the kids riding the go-kart on there you could have counter claimed that it was potentially causing an obstruction. Hope all goes well with the outcome
  3. Can I just ask where was the persons car parked? Where the kids on the pavement or the road of the cul-de-sac This may have relevance to the case....
  4. Sorry for jumping on the bandwagon here... My partner has just had a text message from these which actually charged her to open the message.. Firstly are they allowed to charge for opening a text message? If so it is scandalous. Secondly, aside from a missed phone call and subsequent voicemail regarding a debt account and no other details a few weeks back, she has had no correspondence regarding any debt that she could possibly owe. How should we proceed? I intend to inform OFT and TS, is there anyone or anything else needed. Should we contact them to find out details
  5. Yep. Checked with ACAS and used the DirectGov template for my written request. According to ACAS I could possibly submit a grievance regarding last summers meeting where my boss agreed I wouldn't work Fri and Sun after 3pm, as many times since then I have been rota'd on for shifts taking me past the 3pm so called cutoff. They also said that it could well be viewed as Discrimination on Sex grounds if they don't have a valid reason(s) for denial of request. All the other staff are female, I'm the only male member of staff. My manager hinted on a phone call that my request could be denied a
  6. Does anyone else have any info to help? Any and all advice and experiences appreciated.
  7. Hi there thanks for replying. My daughter is 7 years old and my partners daughter is 8 years old. I wanted to go from working 12 hour shifts to working during the day so I can drop off/ pick up kids from schools. I know I don't have an right to demand the hours just for the request to be considered. My contract is for 24hours per week (although I often cover extra shifts when I can) however if my employers aren't able to accept my request then I'll have to give up work really, which I don't want to do. They have allowed other staff to do similar hours and arrangements both in
  8. Bit of a long story really. I have been signed off work ill since mid February. I attended A&E and informed work I would be off for a week at least. I posted a sick note personally through the front door as I didn't want to talk to any of the other staff in the building regarding my illness. The following week I received a letter telling me that since I had not contacted work regarding my absence and they could not get hold of me via any phone number or via my appointed contacts for emergencies then I had self-terminated my contract. A frantic phone call to my manager eventually resc
  9. Still no update on the contract change and we are still waiting for anything in writing. My Partner has stated that they cannot just change our contracts but that they have to consult with us first. He has also said that if I do not agree to the change then they can change it anyway but that effectively means they have to make me redundant (hopefully with payment to that effect) and offer me the job back on the new contract. If this is still unacceptable to me then I can follow the Appeals and Tribunal process.. Is this correct?
  10. Hello all. On Friday we were told verbally that the staff in our shop, which is part of a national chain, would soon all have their contract changed to a 'Zero hour contract'. Anyone not agreeing to this change would be placed on a "Leavers Contract" (I assume this means to be sacked asap). This only affects the store where we work and is not being rolled out at any other store within the company. We have not had anything in writing yet but the implication is that this will happen no matter what we say. I have a 29 hour contract at the moment (which has been conveniently lost by HR when
  11. Glad the case went well today and good luck for the future. I sincerely doubt the thread will be deleted as my partner is a forum Moderator and it hasn't broken any laws on defamation or libel/slander as such and is in no way harrassment. (unless the lawyers and peers know better that is ). And since this is a thread by yourself and nothing to do with your Other Half then the company whoever they are have no right to demand anything.
  12. Taken from the handbook re Gross Misconduct.. "Theft or other dishonesty including taking goods for resale without making payment or having written authorisation..." My OH has said that her Appeals may well fail as it appears they made their mind up before the disciplinary and she'll have to go with the outcome and hope the Tribunal rules in her favour to clear her name. Due to her job being a trained profession, she may find it extremely difficult to find work in this field now so in effect not only her working life but also her career is in serious freefall. My OH has got
  13. Thankyou for re-assuring me. My OH agrees with and said pretty much what you have re-iterated and that was when the whole process started last week. We have long had problems with the company and we have long had suspicions that they wish to close our branch down and relocate some staff and lose the others in whatever way/manner. Thanks again I appreciate it. I'll keep you all updated on current and future events.
  14. Everyone is still a bit shocked at the moment over that incident. Apparently according to the staff member who went in with them, as she couldn't prove she hadn't taken it from the store then they had Reasonable Belief that she had taken it and as such was guilty of Gross misconduct. She was initially interviewed on Tuesday with the allegation and suspended with pay and the Disciplinary scheduled for today (Mon). Written evidence was given on Friday (i think) and we all signed self made statements regarding the procedures for buying store items in the pharmacy. I made another statement regardi
  15. The handbook has not been updated but isn't the best one out there. The colleague was only dismissed this morning so has yet to go through the appeals process (they are doing). Apparently there was an announcement mad a short while ago, when they cannot say but neither we nor our manager have received anything (although our manager is not the best one in the world and often conveniently forgets things or changes their mind on things) The company has many people who are in managerial positions who are all in cahoots and back each other over many things and a lot of underhandedness goes on behi
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