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  1. This topic was closed on 03/08/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Nothing from them, so for the second time I have to file court claims against them. I had one standard response letter from them saying they'd get back in 40 days and all...... Maybe the banks are a little busy with something just now? Hmmm, what could it be?
  3. I've managed to open another account with Alliance and Leicster, who appear to be very good with people with damaged credit ratings! Halifax now have little to no power over me, and so I'm quite happy for them to close my account if they like. They owe me £800 so frankly, that'll help nicely in paying off that overdraft! My initial approach letter is going off today for the last time. I intend to close my Halifax accounts.
  4. Hi all, I sucessfully managed to claim against Halifax in April. I went to being a student teacher again, and a problem with my student loan payments put my over my limit. This has then snowballed into £350 charges over 4 months. I have sent a prelim and an LBA, and both times have been told they will not be looking into my case any further as "we have already settled your claim in full and final settlement". As well as this, they "reiterate that they reserve the right to close your account if you do not manage it correctly". I phoned up the customer services before I cla
  5. Wow. Letter through from halifax after they acknowledged my claim at the beginning of the month. They settled out of court. All £3000 odd pounds back!!! They were very intent on pointing out that this wasn't a statement of admission, and the only reason they settled was it would cost them money etc etc. But they still settled. Thanks VERY much to everyone for the help here! It's been great. It's a long and scary procedure, but you guys all make it a lot easier!!!! My advise to anyone, go for it. Remember why you're claiming these charges back. And the bes
  6. Halifax have now acknowledged my file on moneyclaim. They've 28 days to issue a response......... wow, not nerve-wracking at ALL!!
  7. Quick update for you all guys. Halifax responded offereing me a token gesture of £142, but this was a day after I started claiming on moneyclaim. I've now completed this today, and await to hear the result. Yikes, a lil!!! I'm fine, as my parents live in England, but I'd like to know what a scottish resident does about claiming, if they don't have an english address for the docs to be posted to? I've also been in touch with Vicky at Diverse, and wil be back in touch about showing up HBoS for a docu. I also noticed they managed to hit the Metro again today, with the amount
  8. Good stuff, thanks. Do I contact them to inform them of this, or do I just wait for the time to expire?
  9. Hi all, Have received a letter back from Halifax complaints. Received by them 18th April, they have said that it is to be passed to a rep and a response of certainly no longer than 4 weeks should be expected. Do I wait and give them the time, or do I push them for the 14 days from the date of my letter?
  10. Update: Spoke to the citizens advice bereau last night, and they are fine with everything in the forum letters. They were very supportive, and gave some great ideas (including always referring back to the letter the bank sent you back. Keep it a line of correspondance, not a set of new contacts to them). I'm sending the Letter before Action by registered post today, asking for £3000+ back from them. Fingers crossed.
  11. Ok, here's a big one. I've come from being a student 2 years ago, and HBOS have been hitting me pretty hard. I sent the request for the charges notification, and sent a preliminary request for refund. I received a very polite letter letting me know that they are unable to refund to me. I've punched into the interest calculator, and since 2002, including interest, HBOS have taken from me £3013.32. My overdraft with them is £1500. I currently owe £3000 in active debt after being a student. My point? If these charges hadn't been applied, I would be effectively debt free now!
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