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  1. hi there I recently had my home repossessed and also had a secure loan on the property. we were doing fine until September 2008 when I was diagnosed with ankylosing spondlitis which is an arthritis in the spine (auto immune decease) with no cure and progressive. because I am a diabetic I could not get any insurance to cover sickness or previous illnesses. my loan was through welcome finance, I have always kept in contact with them even when I couldn't afford to pay them anything. I sent them a letter with all my house hold income and out goings and offered them a guaranteed payment of £50.00 a month (payments were £268 a month) which is all I can afford. welcome phoned me 2 weeks ago and said that would be fine and that they would rather accept something than nothing. yesterday they took the £50.00 from my account then they phoned me and told me it was not enough. we also pay great universal catalogue £150 a month as we went behind with everything (I worked with weetabix and lost £300 - £500 a week wage). they are asking me to pay £5 a month to the catalogue and pay the extra £145 on top of the £50 every month to the loan. where do I stand, as I have offered them a regular payment and also, as the house has been repossessed does that mean the secured loan is now an unsecured loan? as I have no property to secure it against.
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