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  1. Of course letting properties is s business, but HMG do not think so. I am taxed on SA and the properties are not incorporated into the company. I suggest that it is a platypus. In any case would chummy pass the "clean hands" test?.
  2. As HMRC do not recognise small landlords as a business for tax purposes, a court is unlikely to either. I very much doubt if chummy will take me to court over a few pounds, in any case the police or TS may save him the bother. Also he appears to be unfamiliar with the process, I sent him a letter marked "without prejudice" and he accused me of being prejudiced. He is also unlikely to be able to produce a compliant LBA without legal assistance. I do not think that, with his rapsheet, CPR27.14(2)(g) costs are likely. Why a lesser amount? Perhaps not, perhaps a fi
  3. Thank you GSi416, (Rover?) I agree with para 2 it was unethical and I have decided to report the matter to the police and inform Trading Standards. My position is, if chummy rejects my offer of £140.00 IFAFS I shall pay a lesser amount (s ay £125) into his bank account and he can sue me for the balance if it wants to. I am no stranger to the CC and my hobby is helping people battle the private parking cowboys. I very much doubt that HH will view his behaviour with approval.
  4. You were prepared to pay £181 + VAT before so why not now? Where did I say that? In any case that figure included vat. Bear in mind that locksmiths undergo training of between a few days and less than a year. It is hardly rocket science.
  5. You are being naughty, I mentioned plumbers as an analogy.
  6. I asked for a job to be done and it was done, The plumber phoned me two hours later and demanded payment of £231 plus v.a.t.. I asked him to send me an invoice and the threats started. I then started investigating the company and found a series of appalling reviews on Trust Pilot , Yell, Facebook, and Money Saving Expert, no doubt there are more elsewhere. Normal behaviour in such circumstances is to attempt to resolve the situation by negotiation, failing that go to ADR, and finally, if all else fails, go to court and let a judge decide. This case is somewhat different, thr
  7. If I can save few people from being cheated I shall be happy.
  8. I can assure you that there is much more where that came from Bazza, (substantive argument that is). I do not usually resort to grammar/spelling flames, but the Sergeant set himself for it. I rather think that he is trying to box above his weight. He seems totally unaware of the nature of this company. Facebook, Trust Pilot and Money Saving Expert all contain damning reviews, and allegations of overcharging, surely they cannot all be wrong.
  9. Bazza, no doubt the original poster will Say your unhelpful as well. The chances of committing such a gross grammatical error are indeed slim Mr Bush. Pay the bill or he may take you to court That is precisely what I am hoping for. I am no stranger to the SCC, with five wins from five appearances, I do not fancy his chances. It is time rogue traders such as he were taught a lesson.
  10. You should have got an estimate / agreed a maximum price before he started work. I agree, but I own several properties and am always prepared to pay a reasonable price. If people treat me fairly I reciprocate. I would suggest, from the horrendous reviews on TrustPilot, that he does not treat people fairly. Have you ever watched "Rogue Traders"?
  11. Yes, I know all that, but his remedy is to take me to court, not threaten to "break my door" or stage a sit in. Some trades are known for overcharging, that is why TDA, SOGA, DSR, CPUTR el al were all enacted. I regret that I find your contribution unhelpful.
  12. Unfortunately not. Most are HA tenants, many on HB. Apathy prevails.
  13. The chap has form, read this https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/londonlocksmith24h.co.uk
  14. Well not actually ripped off, I have not paid them. I hold my hand up to being a bit slack here. A tenant complained of a broken lock on a patio door. I googled and called a locksmith in Reading without doing my usual due diligence as I am busy refurbishing two flats. Locksmith arrives, does the job, and phones me. He wants £281, ask him for a v.a.t. invoice and he gets nasty, threatens to "break my door" or sit in. I threaten police action and he calms down, will ask office to phone me. That afternoon he phones me, office has reduced the cost to £181 includi
  15. Some follow up. I was talking to th block manager the other day about another issue. The HA are fed tp with UKPC and have sappointed a "better company", PCM, I despair.
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