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  1. Today I have received a Claim form from Northampton Court. .. Lowell are applying for a CCJ against me now. So ignoring them has resulted in me getting this! The amount they are saying I owe is more . . I owe £1120 they say I owe £1592.55. What do I do now??
  2. So the emails I get from them saying how this debt is damaging my credit file and it wont go away ao contact them now is just a load of rubbish really? My credit wont be any worse or better if I did pay it?
  3. I have just read other peoples threads regarding lowell and its got me thinking now should I offer to pay?? I am totally fed up off the pestering and threats of door step collection etc. That I do think god ill have to pay. But obviously this is just wat they want then isnt it?
  4. Hi. I am trying to get my credit file back on track and have managed to pay off some debts but I have 3 defaulted accounts still on there all was from Littlewoods catalogue that Lowell has now took over. The accounts are 3 years old and altogether total £1120. I am going to offer a full and final settlement amount just to get rid of this debt and with the hope that removing something negative off my credit file will be better for me in the long run (is that how it works though?) Plus im sick of the letters, phonecalls and texts. I know it is my own fault so im
  5. Thankyou. We wanted to do a celebration cheer when he told us the outcome,but knew we couldnt in the court. so we had a little smile to each other. when we left the room,the police were nowhere to be seen. They had vanished...very quickly. During the time we was waiting in the court,before the case began. Dave,my husband,walked past the PC to go to the toilet. The PC said 'taking a long time waiting here isnt it' Dave said yes it is. The PC said 'go and put £60 under the door(of the room where the case was being dealt at) and we can then all go home!' Cheek! Anyway,we are very prou
  6. Hi everyone, Well we went to the magistrate court today and....... We won. We went along today feeling quite confident but a little apprehensive as my husband was representing himself. Both the PC and PCSO had turned up. We was waiting for 3 hours before we actually went into the court room,,,,sat in a waiting room with the coppers! The judge allowed me to sit with my husband to assist him when he has to put questions to the PC and PCSO. They had a solicitor. First up was the PCSO who said she was practically 3 lengths of the room we was in,to witness my husband on
  7. Update...We have now been given a date for the court hearing. So I shall update this thread when we know the outcome.
  8. Hi thanks for that. Things did certainly get sidetracked on here. My husbands mobile was in the device holder on the dashboard and he never touched it. On the officers statement he's put it was on my husbands lap! Which was false! We have sent the form back now to say he is not guilty and going to see what happens. We did have a big think about it and thought should we just give in and plea guilty...pay the fine now...just give up after both the PC and PCSO statements have false accusations,but then we thought about it ..it's wrong. Not being bullied into paying this. He was doing nothin
  9. They need to see theyre local council,see if they can help in anyway..maybe provide emergency housing etc
  10. The pc said... "You might as well pay the fine and take the points. I get paid for a day off and attending court when you will lose a days pay and I get paid no matter what." Dave said " I'm not taking any points, I've got no points and I will just take this to court then'
  11. Daves phone is on automatic answer so when it's connected to the stereo thru Bluetooth and someone rings it automatically answers after 2 seconds and then dave speaks. So he doesn't touch his phone.
  12. Daves phone is on automatic answer so when it's connected to the stereo thru Bluetooth and someone rings it automatically answers after 2 seconds and then dave speaks. So he doesn't touch his phone.
  13. He was talking via the stereo and the speakers. He didn't have a ear device thingy. I'm worried that they'll now say how he should've had both hands on steering wheel then or just something else to get him done for. Like all different things that I never knew you could get in trouble for.
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