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  1. Hi There, If the probation lady made such good recommendations that will help. I got my head teacher to write a letter say what a custodial sentence would do to me. Good Luck Hun Don't be afraid. Roch Roch
  2. Hi Niwena, How did it go? Roch Roch
  3. I had a job offer in kuwait they still want me they said its not anything to do with safe guarding. Dubai don't need a CRB and I can stay in my current job if need be. Thank you.
  4. Hi All I thought I would update the thread. I was sentenced yesterday to 120 hours community service to completed in 12 months. I wasn't ordered to pay any costs or a victim surcharge as it was a crime committed a long time ago. I had a letter to the judge from my Headteacher and I had a letter confirming my payment arrangement. The judge was lovely and in fact everyone in the court was lovely the clerk, the security in the dock and probation officer. Everyone agreed it was a great outcome and I can finish this off this Easter holidays and move on with my life. Thanks for the
  5. Thank you I have two job offers for August in china and Dubai. Now everything hangs on my sentencing. Once I know that I can approach my expected employers. I have my current job and I could cope at work this week and had to tell my Headteacher she understood but you can never tell what people truly feel about you. Plus she is leaving at the end of this term. From all my research it seems I could get anything depending on how the judge feels. I wish I had more clarity. Pre-sentencing report is will be done next week.
  6. Thanks. I will loose my job, loose my home as its linked to my job and be confined to living on benefits. I have to think worse case scenario because I generally thought the jury would understand my position. I am devastated. I overheard the benefit officer dealing with my case in the courts consultation room and she was talking about how many sanctions she had and that she has exceeded her target and how She didn't want to seem presumptuous and add me to her targets and tempt fate. I am just a figure and now their deterrent to punish me for taking public funds will lead me back to
  7. Found guilty by a jury of my peers. Awaiting sentencing after a report is created by the probation service. I am totally deflated and feel like there is no point to life right now. Hopefully I will let the forum now what happens if I make it to sentencing.
  8. Thanks. Hopefully but everyone wants to save their own skin. We have that person coming to testify as our witness so hopefully. She never told me to go through the form just to declare that everything was correct, as there is one question she missed out. The crucial question... Have you told the cancel you have moved address 1. Yes. 2. No - inform the council immediately. She never asked me that question it is left blank.... Hopefully this might help me.
  9. Thanks. I have been and that's why I have been looking for a new job to keep me positive. Keeping my chin up. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  10. I understand this and that's my problem something totally honest is hard to prove but I feel the burden is on me to prove I am disorganised and only check my last few transactions if my balance is lower than expected. But you would be looking for a particular payment I was expecting nothing else. My ATM balance or mini statement would tell me that. But I know it's going to be super hard...
  11. It was £500 and my bank statements are the only evidence they have, which clearly show a concoction of numerous payments in and out of my account. My accounts look like someone who doesn't look at their bank statement. This happen 2009-2010 we are now in 2014. 4 years on... I was not a teacher at the time I was a young person struggle to do everything on her own. I am happy to pay back what ever I owe. I just don't understand their reasoning. Yes I signed the benefit form and so did she as she filled it out on my behalf. They have spent thousands prosecuting me. If sentence
  12. I used mini statements. I understand its my responsibility. Then they should of let me complete the forms and sort out my benefits. Personally they have messed me up. I didn't even fill out the forms the housing officer did and she didnt ask my permission she asked me sign that I had told her everything which I did. Not once did I not disclose. A question on the application actually says last address claiming housing benefit she has filled it out. And not once did age advise me to go to the other council to cancel it. This is all confusing because the whole reason they foun
  13. That's right. Didn't declare moving address, overpaid £12000 in housing benefit. Benefit and social workers dealt with my claims when I moved from that address and I informed them of everything. £50,000 was of payments going to my account over the same period like my tax credits, housing benefit for my current house, student loans, bursaries. For a year I had In work credit £60 a week Primary teacher bursaries £500 per month Wages £650-£800 per month Housing benefit £700 per month Child benefit £80 Tax credits and childcare £800 per month Student loan £3700 every
  14. Thank I hope so... I have seeked legal advice. I just feel that they are not frank and straight up with me. Will be waiting fr advice everyone.
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