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  1. Dear Secret, Equita are cheeky, write to them,address the letter to Ms K Collins at their office and make it formal letter of complaint. By law they have to leave a leaflet with a list of their charges wgen they visit for the first time. The most they can charge you is £42.50 for two visits without a levy. I wrote and complained to them and I pointed out that they had over charged me regarding fees and they refunded the amount to the council tax account. Even when things are put in writing they do not read letters properly. I asked for a properly detailed account of what charges had been
  2. I have a classic account, and I have a cheque book. The appoint in branch is probably to give you the said book and any other papers etc.
  3. bluestwo if payments are made to the council, they should let the bailiffs know anyhow. Keep a record of all payments made and how much. If you decide to pay the bailiff when they call, send them back to their car, go indoors, lock the door, get the cash, go out locking the door behind you, go to the car and pay them and get a receipt. The door locking is important as it means that they cannot gain 'peaceful entry' which then ensures that they cannot break in to get goods later. Ensure windows are shut too as peaceful entry includes open windows and doors. Regarding charges, writ
  4. bluestwo the bailiffs cannot deal with a child. It it against their guidelines. Tell your daughter not to let anyone in that she doesn't know. Which is a good idea anyhow!
  5. I agree with fairplay77. Don't let the bailiffs in. Have you had a letter from the council saying that they are taking you to court, or sending the account to bailiffs - if not then send payments to the council via standing order. if they have sent you a reminder bank details will be on the back. If you pay the council then you will not get any further charges added on. good luck. dustbin
  6. Hi rogerx welcome to the club of bailiffs! Call national debtline and they will send you an information pack which is very useful it covers a lot of things. They are a free service and if you ring from a mobile they will ring you back. They are extremely easy to deal with and very polite, (which makes a welcome change). Their number is 0808 808 4000. Hours are Mon - Fri 9-9. Saturday 9-1 and have 24hr voicemail. Tell them that you have entered into a walking possession agreement with the bailiffs. I hate to say the obvious, but never let a bailiff in! Sorry! dustbin
  7. The bailiff turned up today after I spoke to to him last week. I didn't let him in. He left a letter about urgent goods removal. I rang him again, and explained yet again about the situation regarding payments. He said that 'they' would not accept the offer of £50 per month, and I explained that our mortgage was under threat. I agreed to pay them £75 a month and he is happy with that, he said that he would hold our account for two months with a possible extension ansd that he would stop all letters. He says that the debt is now over £600 ( higher than original debt passed over) with fe
  8. It is comforting to know that I'm not the only one who has a shonky baliff company to deal with! I know that it doesn't help. If you have time, them go to CAB, if not then try elsewhere as our local CAB are always very busy.
  9. Dear mrsboop I hope that all went well yesterday. If the council tax debt is only in your name then the bailiffs can only charge you, but they can seize goods that belong to someone else if they are there unless you can prove that they are someone else's. If the car has HP or a loan on it then they cannot levy on it. My husband has got into arrears with our council tax last year and so that debt is in his name. The council tax for this current year however, in in joint names so we are both liable for the debt.
  10. Thanks pink-eeyore, but the bailiffs don't have a standing order facility, or anything remotely useful. They will accept debit /credit cards but stick an extra pound on for the priviledge. They also send replies to letters that say that the contents of the letter has been noted and to refer to the bailiff, but the bailiff doesn't ring back! What a shower! I'll ring the bailiff again but as he is rude and won't listen I don't hold out much hope.
  11. I have discovered that Equita are a bit of a shower. My husband got behind with our council tax and it was sent to Equita. I sent a letter to them and the council (South Oxfordshire) saying that I would pay them £100 a month, well, no reply. I paid the money to SODC instead, and they should have informed the bailiffs, which they generally did. The bailiffs, have been round twice to discuss 'payment arrangements' ! The bailiff sent was very rude and wouldn't listen to us at all. I have rung them and asked for bank details to enable me to set up standing order and was told that they didn't
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