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  1. Hi - the address is jeremy.darroch@bskyb.com - good luck!
  2. Hi there - I was referring to CISAS and OTELO. Have you tried emailing Jeremy Darroch as I did? My complaint is now being handled (not very well I might add but someone out there is dealing with it and I have even managed to get their surname out of them!) but I have still not been given any real reason as to why my letters have been ignored. The mail strike was mentioned but I was able to prove that my letters had been signed for weeks before this started. It seems emails to Mr Darroch are the only way to get complaints acknowledged however wrong that seems to me. You shouldn't have to take
  3. Am getting somewhere slowly.....after emailing Jeremy Darroch, the next day (today) I received a message on my ansaphone from customer relations telling me my account had already been cancelled (hooray!). However my phone line is still connected and customer services can't tell me when the cancellation is with effect from (rolls eyes). Apparently my viewing card has been disabled but I didn't have TV installed anyway so that doesn' really help, lol! So am trying to get Customer Relations to ring me back again (via Jeremy Darroch again!) to let me know the score. This, to me, is some sort of
  4. Well done MKOne. I have also emailed Jeremy Darroch (yesterday) so am waiting to see if I get a reply.
  5. Hi Ida - Yes the letters were delivered within the special delivery timeframe. I have received and responded to your PM and will try what you suggest. Thanks for your help. Wendy
  6. Lots of problems with Sky prior to my house move on 1st September, won't bore you with these, but am now looking to cancel within my 12 month contract (in contract until May) due to the following (edited!) timeline: Timeline of problems: 1st September 17:00: rang to report change of address (many attempts of holding for 50 mins and being cut off before i got through). Was told that phone line was the first service that should be updated; was advised that phone line at old address had been barred and phone line transfer to new address to go live on September 15th. I advised I woul
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