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  1. Ok i got a pcn ticket in may 2008 .This was for no car tax but my permit was valid.I e-mailed the council telling them i was just waiting for car tax in post and they e-mailed me back saying the ticket wouldnt stand, so i thought no more of it ,until now ,they have sent me a letter saying they are going to take me to court for the unpaid ticket,I have appealed but dont feel cconfident of winning.I just cant believe a council would wait 18 months before taking me to court .Im just angry with myself for not keeping there e-mail ,but who does keep e-mails over 18 months old!!
  2. Plus i doesnt state anywhere on the road signs that if your tax is out of date your permit becomes invalid ,surely they should tell everyone this .But what really annoyed me was there letter saying they are not responsible for late mail deliveries !! I had left print-out of my car tax reciept on dashboard as proof of online purchase and they still ticketed me .
  3. also what about no civil officers signature ,do you think that could make the ticket void?
  4. Thanks for all your views. Do you think that over 18 months before they have wrote to me is too long.Does a ticket become void after such a long time ,and as i said before surely they would have clamped my car before now for non payment
  5. I also just noticed that the Pcn ticket has not been signed by the civil officer do you think there is ground there to win appeal (no signature)?
  6. Thanks Michael ive spent hours trying to make scanned image bigger thanks so much for your advice
  7. How do i scan so image is bigger so you can see it
  8. Thanks for replys here is the ticket and letter the council sent me they also sent (about fifty pages of notes ) some saying wether i payed my council tax and was it up to date ?) cant see what that has to do with pcn ,and they also sent me papers of someone else appeal !! I have scanned the ticket and letetr for you to look at .Thank you
  9. HI i need some advice regarding a parking ticket ,heres my situation: Where i live you need a residents permit to park .I recieved a ticket on 08/05/2008 even though my permit was valid my car tax had expired and i was waiting for it to arrive in the post .I contacted the council (e-mail) and they said(e-mail) that because of this the ticket would be waived ,so i thought that was the end .So now 18 months on i get a court letter saying i now owe £105.00 (originally £25.00)for non payment ,i wrote back again and got a letter saying its not the councils fault that im waiting for my tax in the
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