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  1. Hi, Just looking for some help regarding a VT with Welcome Finance. Im in the process of buying a new car through a main dealer and have terminated my original agreement with WF and returning the old car back to them. (Cars worth 1800 at best and they want 5500 settlement.. haha like thats going to happen) Now the problem i have is im VT'ing under the 50% clause and im 4 months short and more then happy to pay upto the 50% but they are trying to sting me for the full term of PPI, Breakdown Cover and Gap insurance + Interest as they were built into the original agreement. Can i
  2. Sent prove it letter for one acc. and im chasing Crapwest about a debt made from charges due to their neglet on a DD which should never have been re instated (all were cancelled previously). Anyway not wanting to hijack this thread, for those interested mine can be located http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/222043-leeds-losers-chasing-natwest.html#post2458765
  3. Heres hoping! will post my progress with the other "accounts" held by lowell in due course, makes me laugh at the letters as some include my middle initial and others don't! i wonder if they've actually bothered to check this?!?!
  4. Well done! after a few years of threat-o-grams from these people and myself finding this site i am now in the process of fighting these morons, think they are chasing me for 4 debts, 1 of which i have never even heard of (orig creditor) and another is ludicrus bank charges from a disputed DD payment. Now im older and wiser im very happy to pay my debts i owe but not ones that shouldnt exsist in the first place! Once again well done and hopefully i should be able to rid these parasites from filling my mail box!
  5. All the numbers are different, but wouldnt that just be lowells changing reference to suit themselves?
  6. Thanks for your reply Sam, the account is from about 5 years ago (last statement i hold is 5 years to the day) would they still be able to trace this, also i have noticed the account refs are different, NW acc 50xxxxxx Lowells state acc no as 92xxxxxx hmmmmm got me thinking deeper on this one now!
  7. Have just checked my credit report with Experian, there is nothing listed from NW but i have seen Lowells have made several checks on my file (thus, i believe, making it appear to lenders i have made several applications for credit when it was Lowell in fact conducting a search) other then that my file looks good and in order!
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. Any suggestions on what i could include in the letter to NW regarding the DD guarantee, and would it be a general SAR i send for statements and breakdown of charges etc? Not sure if they have marked my credit file altho having taken out a moby contract (had to pay a deposit mind) and bought a car on finance (welcome of all lenders only ones to accept me but is a decent enough car and getting my moneys worth out of PPI forced upon me with being made redundant) over the last year.
  9. Hi Guys, any help and advice regarding this would be greatly appreciated. I have read alot about Lowells on the forums and seem quite intrigued!! Anyway to the problem in hand, I used to hold an account with Natwest circa 2004, i had gone overdrawn due to charges on this account and requested the account was "frozen" whilst i cleared this debt i had accomlished this but never closed the account leaving it at a balance of pennies, until Tiscali attempted to take a DD from the account which had all been cancelled due to the previous issue. i was therefore given the usual dd return charges,
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