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  1. Cancelling direct debit will remove 6% discount. Fuel Direct Deductions are usually made from a persons Income Support or Jobseekers Allowance - income based. fuel - A weekly deduction of £3.25 per fuel debt can be made up to a maximum of £6.50. For ongoing costs it will be the estimated amount of current consumption. £3.25 is better than whatever they try to bully you into, is it not? Plus winter is almost over, your consumption will fall. Request e.On Economy 10 brochure [i have not seen it yet myself - it is on its way] or change to Economy 7 and adopt a vampire life stile -
  2. Send them a token payment of £5 and inform them CAB is assisting you in preparing the offer - in writing, copy to e.On and copy to Energy Ombudsman with explanation of your current circumstances.
  3. Looks like thing started moving in the right direction. Back to the estimates and complaint. You may even say that they have unfair policy of deliberately charging you lower estimates to keep you happy and never think of changing a supplier and when you are in considerable debt you will have to pay it and will not be able to change a supplier until you have paid it. Entrapment. May be not true - but how can they proof otherwise? Have they sent you any offers on better tariffs with them? Have they provided you with information about all of their tariffs? I know the answer - they did n
  4. Does anyone know which providers offer economy 10 tariff? Thanks Economy 10 Tariffs offer 10 hours of off-peak electricity, which suppliers charge at a discounted rate. This tariff best suits households with modern heating alternatives such as EHC Electric Combination Radiators. If you are on Economy 7 and you are running out of hot water or if your storage heaters are cooling off by the evening then the EHC Combination Radiators and Economy 10 could be an excellent solution for you. To be on an Economy 10 tariff you must have an Economy 10 meter. These differ from standard mete
  5. Hi Jopea, I am with e.On as well and in a newbuilt and all electric. And have high bills. Here what I have found/done so far: 1. I live in mass production Barratts house - they skimmed it to very bare minimum, I am not even sure if they comply with standards, our floor at subzero temperature would not go above 12 degrees Celsius no matter how many and how long for the heater were on, so called u-value, represents overall thermal conductance from the outside to inside covering all modes of heat transfer, must be ~0.25. Calculations take into consideration temperature difference i
  6. A little update or part-success story In response to the letter highlighting the contradiction they offered me a £5 monthly discount. I insisted that even with a discount I was still not able to use the BB, it coincided with BB Storm being discontinued and replaced with BB Storm 2. They did not want to replace my Storm with Storm 2 on the same plan of £35 600 minutes and discount and offered me Curve or Tattoo that came with £25 plan. I pointed it out to them and got my plan reduced to £25 300 minutes and swapped Storm for Tattoo, postage paid by Vodafone. They also credited me with pro
  7. This must be absolutely devastating for everyone with suspended claims. They've won on a sort of a technicality - definition of 'fair' price of core product. It always seemed to me a weak argument and I watched in amusement the row of wins by Consumer Group. Mind, I did not want banks to win. They say there are other avenues. So here is one idea. I worked for the bank, not any more. When approached by a customer with questions about their charges, it was fairly easy to explain 'why'. However, I struggled to explain 'why this much' In almost third of the cases the amou
  8. Hi Nileejenngra Thanks for the tel No! I was about to give them a call as they never responded to my letter. Next step to complain to Financial Ombudsman, wanna join in? Funnily enough, it was the same ££ in my case.
  9. Guess if there would be a way out, they would be out of business. Thanks anyway.
  10. Hi, I have got similar issues with Vodafone's Blackberry Storm, this BB has a sort of battery that needs little of extra care, it would not give you all advertised hours unless you perform certain rituals. But before I learnt that, I bought some extra batteries, it did not help, so I got HTC on another contract and gave up on BB. Now I am 5 month into contract term of 18, had numerous rows with Vodafone, who said > On the other hand > Isn't there a bit of contradiction? And what about saying at this point that I do not like the coverage? Will it still work? Or
  11. Hi Blueda, no, it was not me before. I was just looking if anyone enquired about this company. Not to start new thread. I also found a case on FOS news site, where DMC had to refund all ££: 75/02 debt-management company’s poor administration creates further difficulties for consumers seeking help with existing debts - issue 75 - consumer credit complaints I thought, maybe, you could point me to a sample letter quoting DMGuidance from OFT and, possibly, something re distance selling - service was sold on the cold call over the telephone. Until I study all regulatory documents, my
  12. Hi Blueda, should not then DMC advise their client to write such letters? Is there a way to cancel the contract with DMC and get fees and monthly payments back if they never agreed with, let alone forwarded the monies to, the creditors? They never sent a statement either. Thanks.
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