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  1. well unfortunatley i am back here again! Still no fix on the back wiper or cd player! My first letter seemed to do the trick and i thought i would get it sorted. However, on my visit to the garage for the fix it appeared that the wrong part had been ordered. This was back in the beginning of October. After leaving and being told i would be contacted the following week, nothing. So i wrote another letter stating the facts again and saying i wanted it sorted by end of october. I had the call the day after they received the letter to say they were having problems sourcing parts and that they would provide us with 'periodic' updates. That we 3 weeks ago was the last time we heard from them. So today i phone and ask for an update. To be told they were still having problems finding the part. So i said well, it was almost 5 months ago when i bought the car and i expect it to be fix asap. I suggested if they were having problems sourcing the part to go to BMW and order it for them. well he took offence to that as he proceeded to tell me they wern't going to order new parts only second hand parts as it would cost them too much money! The only way they would order a new part was if i paid half!!!!! am wrong in being totally appauled by this!? So i am ready to take the next step, whatever that maybe. Any comments welcome. ps. sorry for the rant. i am just so mad!
  2. i will keep you updated! thanks again for your advice.
  3. just an update, i wrote a letter to the garage in question and posted it recorded yesterday and low and behold i had a call from the garage first thing this morning asking me to 'at my convenience' to bring the car in and they will arrange repair of the faults. Result! Fingers crossed it is now going to be sorted. thank you for your help.
  4. many thanks for your replys. I will send a letter today. thanks again.
  5. Hi to everyone. I hope someone can give me some advice. Here is goes! On 26th August i purchased a 2001 BMW Compact. 1 owner from new, 69000 on the clock and full bmw service history, 3 months warranty. As you can imagine i paid a lot of money as i also got it from a garage. So before i had even left the garage i realised that the back wiper was not working. The sales guy i had been dealing with gave me their mobile mechanics number for me to contact and for them to come and have a look at it. After 3 weeks of chasing and chasing for him to come, the guy finally looked at it to tell me it needed a new motor and he would go back to the garage for them to order the part and he would be in touch. So as i was on my way home from work on wednesday this week, the cd changer in the boot stopped working. When i got home i contacted the garage and asked them if someone could look at it. She then told me, no we do not cover that, we only cover mechanical items under the warranty. So i said, what about the wiper, you are fixing that? She then said actually we are not going to and we are not going to pay for the call out charge from the mechanic, i will be liable for that! I couldn't beleive it! Surely these things should be fixed and paid for by them? Especially as the wiper was not working before i left the garage with the car on the day of purchase! Any advice and comments are welcome Thank you x
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