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  1. I recently made a claim on my home insurance with Aviva for a laptop computer that I accidently damaged. The laptop is about 3+ years old but was a high end system costing around £1700 when I purchased it. I phoned the claims number on my policy to report the claim and then after answering all their questions, they told me that they would send a courier out to collect the laptop to see if it could be repaired. I returned the laptop then a few days later, I had a phone call asking for the original receipt. I told them that I could not find it as I have had the laptop for quite a while now so they asked me to send them the original manufacturer recovery CDs that came with the machine as proof of purchase - so I did (and sent them via recorded delivery). After speaking with the claims team (Ival Resolve) earlier today as my last contact with them was on the 16th of September, I was told that they now want me to send them a bank statement showing the proof of purchase. I explained that I purchase everything online using credit cards for the added protection from the credit card companies and that I no longer have the credit card as I constantly change them to obtain better rates. I also do not know which company I purchased the laptop from as I use the comparison sites such as Kellkoo etc. to obtain the best price and then purchase it from that company and as it was around three+ years ago, I have no idea which company I used. It sounds to me that I am simply being fobbed off, probably because I do not have the receipt etc. but I was just wondering if there is anything I can do or if I should just bite the bullet and accept that they are not going to pay out? Any help or advice that you can provide would be most welcome.
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