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  1. well if you owe money to fitness first... then that is what you will put where the xxxx is:?
  2. My partner has a loan with Barclays, which he hasn't paid and has just ignored for a couple of years. I think they may finally be catching up to him now. The bailiffs are involved, and he has seen many threatening letters saying about CCJ's but we've never seen any official looking court documentation. Can he arrange a payment plan direct with Barclays without involving the Bailiffs? Also, he can't afford to pay a lot as he's got kids/rent etc to pay. What would his best plan of action be?
  3. My partner owes money, and is being chased by bailiffs. He's not been in contact with the loan company for about 3 years, and they don't have a current address. If they find him at his new address, can they take stuff from our flat? Everything in the flat is mine, so how do I prove that?!?!?!
  4. My partner owes Barclaycard some money. He set up a direct debit with Mercers but they cocked it up. He therefore set up a standing order direct to Barclaycard. Mercers have taken the money out, but not by direct debit. They have saved his card details and done a debit transaction. The bank say they cannot stop this, and talking to Mercers is like trying to talk to a fish. In fact, you probably get more sense from a dead fish then any member of their staff. What's the best option here?
  5. Just send the above template letter. They will soon stop bothering you!
  6. I sent the letter that debt4get sent and I have not heard a cheep back. No letters, phone calls. Nothing. Thanks so much debt4get - you're a genius!
  7. Thanks. They seem to have got bored for now.... Perhaps they should try leaving voicemails in future.
  8. I have missed two payments for my catalogue, and I intend on paying when I get paid for December. They have got a firm onto me called reliable collections who have not written too me, but ring me from mobile numbers. I don't answer unknown numbers, but they do not leave voicemails. I have received FOUR phone calls since 9.18am this morning from these mobile numbers, and on returning the calls via a withheld number, it goes through to the same company each time. In my opinion four calls in an hour is excessive. Do I have the right to complain about this? And are they allowed to call from different mobiles like that? 01/12/09 11.08am - 07891808607 01/12/09 14.33pm - 07875668601 01/12/09 15.19pm - 07791304868 02/12/09 09.18pm - 07875633432 02/12/09 09.51am - 07969122164 02/12/09 10.21am - 07875630366 02/12/09 10.56am - 07875649203
  9. Well... after sending of the letters on the 25th September by recorded delivery I have not heard a single thing back. Fitness First did not even bother to send me a copy of my contract/terms! This forum is brilliant!
  10. Brilliant, thanks so much for your advice. It's been very helpful!
  11. Yeh, I'm sure we had the free evening and weekend calls. Crafty buggers! In that case, I will just pay BT direct and avoid the middle man. What if BT won't accept my payment?
  12. I get that I had to pay for any calls made, and that I would have paid until their billing date, but they say I owe them for the line rental for the ENTIRE year, which was like 5-6 months or something AFTER it had been disconnected. Is that right? So confused. It was only your bog standard line rental and free evening and weekend calls. I had broadband with another provider and just needed a line otherwise I wouldn't go near BT!
  13. Cool. It was because I took out line rental at a house, and then when I moved, I was living with my parents until I found my own place. Until I cancelled it, I had paid by bills by direct debit. So the money I apparently owed them was for AFTER my line had been disconnected, but I still had to pay the line rental even though I didn't live there and the line was cut.
  14. Basically I moved house ages ago, but didn't take my BT line so I phoned and cancelled it. I was told that I wouldn't have to pay anything as I specifically checked! Sometime later they wrote to me at my new address advising me that I owed xxx amount. I disputed this and I still believe it is unfair to pay for a service I didn't receive or sign for. Apparently as I did it over the phone thats all they needed to hold me too it. So in the end, to save hassle I agreed a monthly payment with the debt collection agency (Westcott). When it came to my last payment of £24.91, I had changed bank accounts and closed my old one so I missed the payment. They then chased me for this which I have put off and apparently now I owe like £60+ which I am NOT going to pay. Also, they are going to send round a door step collector. Can I pay this directly to BT now and leave the debt collectors out of it? Also whats the deal with door-step collectors? Any info is much appreciated.
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