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  1. Yes U am sure they do, although know complaints process is handled here in the UK, for sales they are very likely to. It never really helps with the sales process when you cannot understand someone and when you do not want their services it doesn't even matter.
  2. Energy watch was disbanded last year in October and replaced by Consumer Focus whose primary objective is towards vulnerable consumers and secondary is towards improved service standards for consumers. I am meeting their person in charge of energy services next week so will ask the question and if anything worth reporting back I will post on here.
  3. If you have young children you could be considered as vulnerable consumer and therefore you can be treated differently, this means Consumer Focus, the Government watchdog for vulnerable consumers can assist you with the issue and help you resolve the issue. Now as important keep a record of all your communications written and phone calls so that if you cannot resolve it you have a record set to send to the Ombudsman, you can do this by paper or use an online system like disputer to assist.
  4. Right really important that you record all your communications sent and received as you need to ensure you have a complete record rather than just know you spoke to someone on the phone. They will be recording your phone call as well as entering notes into their internal systems. You can either do that by paper or use an electronic system like disputer to assist you. Also you want to dispute the issue and escalate as your complaint will be dealt with, the firm is more likely to back down if they think you are going to take your case to the Ombudsman as this costs them around £350 plus the t
  5. I meant the gas contract I think as that is what I had read rather than 2 separate contacts
  6. If these are costs they incurred in preparing and submitting the case into the court system then yes these would be legitimate costs.
  7. So depends on their terms and conditions which need to be reasonable under the sales of goods act. The fact that you have not received the communication means I do not think the contract is enforceable so stick to your guns.
  8. So you would be considered a vulnerable consumer under Government legislation although it is a bit fluffy as to the exact definition but you should not be cut off. You should speak with Consumer Focus who is the Government watchdog for consumer rights as they can assist you or make an official complaint in disputer but importantly mention you are a vulnerable consumer. Home - Consumer Focus
  9. Ok so recording your case is essential especially if they are threaten court action against you. As the case has been going on for more than 8 weeks you can send the complaint to the energy ombudsman, at this point they cannot take action against you until the issue is resolved and the ombudsman can take months to assess a case. Rather than send a recorded letter why not send an email as then you can keep a copy and prove that they have received it so quicker and simpler. Do not use their online form though as it does not allow you to record a copy and if you follow trading standards recomm
  10. Ok first thing start recording all communications that you are sending and receiving and you can use something like disputer for this. I believe you have the rights to have access to your information and therefore should ask for this and how it is calculated. If you cannot get this information then you should escalate your case as you would expect for any work a breakdown of your bill or refund.
  11. Ok get your complaint to the energy ombudsman as quickly as possible as once with the ombudsman they have to stop charges and cannot take any additional action until the issue is resolved, the downside is the Ombudsman can take months to assess your issue. It is important that you record all the communications you have sent and received and send it in an organised file.
  12. Someone needs to take a complaint through to the Ombudsman for assessment and this will set up a precedent as it will start to cause waves as the Ombudsman will need to liaise with Ofgem over this to work out a strategy.
  13. If you want to learn about the British Gas complaints process have a read of the disputer blogL https://www.disputer.com/blog/guidetocomplaining/energy-complaints/british-gas-complaints/
  14. I was looking at your posting, so I have also built a website to assist consumers in complaining against their energy suppliers including British Gas. The idea came out of the poor service I received and at the moment it is for energy but shortly telecoms will be launched. You sign up and the choose the type of complaint and the system then give you an indication into what you are entitled to as compensation. You enter details of the complaint and it writes the email that is then sent from your disputer account or if you want to make a phone call it gives you the cal script and allows
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