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  1. Hi all, I've just looked at a 2006 Honda Civic that I really like and want to buy. Having done an HPI check on it, I got the dreaded "discrepancy" which looks like the below: Data currently held on the National Mileage Register (NMR) indicates that there may be a mileage discrepancy on this vehicle. Mileages as recorded by the National Mileage Register Date recorded Recorded by Mileage Reading 13-Apr-2007 Franchised Dealer 12,654 30-Nov-2007 Trade Association 22,274 25-Jan-2008 Franchised Dealer 24,
  2. Please don't pay them. This letter has had it's intended effect, and it's made you worry and wobble on the whole issue. This forum provides the flip side to the coin - hundreds of posts and testimonies that these people are chancers and will go away.I've had lots of letters telling me how I'm going to end up in court, how I shouldn't ignore the problem, etc etc. I stuck to my guns and they've never bothered me since. Hold tight!
  3. I suppose they're at least a little more believable than ukcps/Rooney/Manchester ukcps/Drogba/London What a hilarious last few posts, watching with interest.
  4. I have four invoices from CT for not displaying my permit in our underground car park, the earliest dating back to September of 2009. I've received threatening letters but every time they've given up. Hope this helps.
  5. I guess it all depends on where you draw your own line in the proverial moral sand. I don't view people with children as deserving any special dispensation, it appears you (and indeed others) do. I think there is certainly a lot more mutual understanding that can arise out of this particular scenario than that of lazy arseholes parking in disabled spaces, so I'll leave it at that.
  6. I'm not disabled and I don't have children, so it's not something that affects me personally. But as someone said above, one is a choice and the other is not. I will park further away if you physically cannot, but that is rarely the case just because you have a child in tow (anecdotal isolated incidents aside).
  7. Meh, I disagree. Just because little Johnny throws a tantrum when he has to walk an extra twenty feet to the store doesn't mean you deserve to park any closer than me.
  8. Point taken, PPC just being scumbags in this case. I stand by what I said for situations where there is an alternative
  9. This isn't directed at you crem as I don't know your personal circumstances, it's more of a general rant using the royal "you". Were these bays actually being used by disabled people? I must admit as I much as I hate the [causing problems] PPC's, people who park in disabled bays because "I was only going to be five minutes" and "they weren't being used" really **** me off too. It ceases to be about whether or not blue badges are enforceable in private car parks etc, and just becomes about basic human courtesy and respect. If you're not disabled, leave the disabled spaces for those t
  10. Don't worry about Central Ticketing. They "patrol" our underground parking garage and I've received four tickets from them since we moved in in September 2009. For three of them (the fourth was quite recent so I'm awaiting some junk) so far I've received their standard begging letters, then Roxburghe Debt Collectors standard template, and then a couple from Graham White. On each occasion they've given up and it's now been roughly 3 months since they've bothered. Ignoring them DOES WORK.
  11. Is it a private ticket, or a council-issued one? What name does the ticket/letters give?
  12. I just went to their site and entered some fake "PCN" details - it's come up with a £25 charge!!
  13. They gave up on my previous tickets a long while ago, Mr Sobell eventually stopped writing and all was quiet. My permit fell off my window a few days ago and i got a fresh ticket from my best friend, Mr OP0000252 (in reality a scruffy-looking chap in a s****y blue uniform), so I look forward to ignoring another lot of junk.
  14. Your logic is askew, surely if that were your reasoning you'd have parked in one of the many spaces far away from the OAP bus and entirely avoid the prospect of being hit. I'm simply playing devil's advocate, as I said I don't agree with you being charged for it, I just think it's very inconsiderate whether the car park is empty or not. If it fills up while you're in there you're denying another person a parking space because you simply didn't want to bother parking correctly in the first place, and that's why it grinds my gears. I'd dispense with the ad hominems if you really seek to jus
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