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  1. hi- the account was sold to Mackenzie hall . def sold. They have made me an offer of charges from 2008 -£180. no offer of interest. my calculations make charges plus interest = £512. I would accept the £180 but they will not budge on giving it to the DCA- I have researched and presented the arguments against paying the refund to a third party but they are not interested.
  2. thanks for the reply. Its Cap one. essentially they are offering to refund 2008 charges but they want to give it to DCA who bought the debt. charges also exist from 2002. 2006 and 2007. Debt is now statued barred (I think) - last payment was dec 07- and I haven't heard from DCA for 2 years- although that prob means nothing. How would you argue against limitation act as a defence for charges in 2002,06 and 07?
  3. Is it possible to reclaim credit card charges that occurred further back than 2008? (6 years) no doubt the card provider would use the limitation act as their defence?
  4. Hi guys - Firstly thank you for any help offered on this in advance . This morning i received county court claim forms from the claimant "capquest investments limited". issue date 28/03/13 Particulars of claim: "part only of monies due under regulated credit agreement number xxxxxxxxxxx between aqua credit card and the defendant the benefit of which was assigned to the claimant on 26/07/2010. the agreement terminated upon the defendants failure to comply with the terms of agreement. " it also says the claimant seeks interest from date of issue. the claim is for j
  5. Hi ims, Can you give me some pointers on how to proceed with a court claim please? Im referring to the core particulars of claim: mainly how to state the issue in a tidy legal way For the actual claim amount - should i just pursue the amount set out in their refund letter? How do i approach the third party aspect? do i insist on them providing all contractual information between them and RBS? Also i believe that the refund is greater than what is "owed" to the third party - yet i have recieved no left over balance and no credit file adjustment (the refund would have
  6. Thanks What are the key points when writing the letter?? are there any rules to quote from - FOS maybe I dont see how a third party can get a ppi refund payment when they have absolutely nothing to do with it
  7. upheld complaint from RBS over credit card ppi- they agreed a refund- i accepted but told them that the payement had to be made to me only and that i dont authorise any payment to a third party. Rang them today and they told me that the payment had been made to arrow global- the third party who bought the debt. can i do anything?
  8. Hello I recently received PPI refund payments from lloyds tsb on a credit card and loan account. These refunds were sent to me by way of personal cheque. Before these payments were made i had an outstanding balance on both the card and the loan- the accounts were closed and taken over by DCAs (they were NOT sold though): card- £2000 -( refund of £1300) loan- £800- (refund of £500) I have 2 questions: 1- am i right in saying that i should now owe £700 on the card (2000-1300) and £300 on the loan (800-500)? my credit file as of today still says i owe the original ba
  9. Thanks for the replies. On the statement there is a phone number next to the barclaycard cashplan entry - stonebridge international. Should i contact barclaycard or stonebridge? The entry says - barclaycard cash plan Is their any grounds of mis-selling because they sold this insurance while the account already had ppi? thanks
  10. Hi, Trying to reclaim some £12 pound credit charges from lloyds tsb- sent standard letters (incl court threat)- got reply - refusing on the grounds that they did an independant investigation on charges and they cost lloyds tsb more than £12 pounds!- but they cant share investigation on commercial grounds? thoughts please thanks ASB84
  11. Does anyone know what this is? have google searched it but couldnt find anything. Have just received statements on my closed barclaycard account- and since 2005 up until 2008 £11.27 pounds gets debited from my account in the name of barclaycard cashplan. embarrassingly i cant remember what this was- nor can i find any paperwork for it. I assume it some sort of insurance- though interestingly it gets debited along with ppi each month (have recently won a ppi reclaim from barclaycard btw). Im just wondering whether this might have been misold to me - considering i already ha
  12. thanks for the reply. Have written to them both. it was the "settled" status on the credit report that got me interested.
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