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  1. Okay to cut a long story short. I have been working in my current company for 8 years and have been in my current role for 3 years. Over the last 5 months my manager has become very dismissive of the things i do, Im very good at my job and im highly thought of by alot of the staff, I do have a tendancy to always speak my mind and it does not always go down well any way the releationship between my self and my manager has been going down hill for a while now. This morning i had crossed words with another member of staff, they aproached me with a problem and when i sorted it they just wanted to argue about it , saying it was not a resonable solution. Any way i decided to see my manager and explain the situation to them, he told me that he heard me and that i "should stop having ago at staff" Well i asked him to explain him self and give me an example? the reply was well "you did it just then" his tone was very agressive and the body language said it all, in the end we ended up arguing over it as i said he should not take sides and should get the facts first before acusing me. I left his office to cool down and he followed me in to the main office and contined to argue in front of all the staff, in the end i walked off. Later in the afternoon i had to see him about work again, he said to me that we need to talk " formaly or informaly it was my desition" i told him i dont really care i was just sick of him being on my case and harassing me. To that he kicked off again, i told him i was not arguing again and walked out. He followed me back to my desk and started demanding "i am you manager get back in there now" i asked him 6 times to leave me alone as i did not want to argue and wanted to calm down, he refused and we argued again. just before i left i was informed he was raising an offical disaplinary against me for conduct. Now is it possible for a manager who is part of a dispute to raise a disaplinary? To me this is an abuse of power and the fact he consantly refused to leave me alone and harrased me when i tried to walk away. I feel that being the one blamed when he is clearly just as much to blame if not more so is highly unfair. thanks for reading such a long thread .
  2. Hi all. I have read this site for quite a while with some fantastic advice but i would really like some advice on a problem i have got. I put my home up for sale 12 months ago and got my HIP throught the estate agents with defered payment of £573 when the house is sold. on wed 23nd sept, i had two letters deliverd through my door. when i opened the first it was from the credit controler of reeds rains RE: outstanding HIP invoice for £573.00. Wanting to know in writeing a remmitance or explanation of non payment. this left me quite bemused as to what they were going on about. looking at the date of the letter from the credit controller it was 22 sept. so i opened the 2nd letter and it was from my local branch of reeds rains, now the letter was dated 29th august. but the envelope has a date stamp of 22 sept with a first class stamp. Informing me that they no longer deemed my house sellable at the price and they were canceling my contract. I had to option pay £343.85 for the hip and drop the price further and keep using them. Or i can pay £573 for the HIP. As they had removed my home from the register. it also stated " if you do not wish to exercise this option then the ramification for this action is that if you do not then transfer your proprty to an alternative agent with in fourteen days(continuous marketing) then the contents will no longer be compliant and you will have to purchase a further pack." so basicaly i no longer have a valid hip, as the local branch obviously forgot to send the letter back in august to say they were taking my home of the market and now they want paying for a hip they have invalidated. Id there any thing i can do? many thanks kistell.
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