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  1. Called my provider for the forms this afternoon. Hoping the gent I'm dealing with amends his position in the interim, but I'm not hopeful given their 'non-refundable' response on repeat.
  2. They've responded with the following: Thank you for your email - we strongly endeavour to provide information with regard to our operations and the criteria that we work within. This is done with account taken of both the aspiring participant and the operator, however we constantly review our procedures and policies and I will study your feedback in that regard. In hindsight it may have been more prudent for you to have studied our Terms Conditions and Criteria so extensively prior to making your purchase. To clarify our position the voucher remains good for use for anyone meeting
  3. 25th November, via credit card. Section 75 recommended? The website has no privacy policy, the terms and conditions are hidden away contrary to the good faith principle, as well as key information omitted prior to purchase.
  4. I recently purchased a skydive voucher from Peterlee Parachute Centre as a gift for my wife, who has always wanted to do a jump. During the purchase process, the site and terms 5(f) refer to an upper weight limit of 16st 7lbs, although a consultation may be required over 14st. (Note, at point of voucher purchase the terms and conditions are not hyperlinked, other than at the page footer). After purchase, you are provided with a BMI chart. My wife, at 5'7" and just under 16st, falls below the limit the site references in text, but outside safe limits on thi
  5. No - just referred to it if they couldn;t locate my accounts. Got a full breakdown along with literature from Which etc.
  6. Heard nothing until now - received a letter confirming I was mis-sold, any I should be receiving a cheque within 28 days! Under a grand, but every win helps!
  7. ActionFraud reported use of GoogleWallet in car 'problems; http://www.actionfraud.police.uk/report_fraud Ask yourself why the seller is wanting to use it in the UK, where it has not been released. Suggest you use a reputable Escrow service, or only pay upon delivery. If they insist upon Google Wallet, or some other electronic method of payment, I'm inclined to think that your money will be moved on and be unrecoverable.
  8. Google Wallet isn't released in the UK yet as far as i'm aware. Google it. If in doubt, don't. I wouldn't pay using a method with no recourse, if there is any potential for it being a 'problem.'
  9. Thanks. For the record, I'm in absolutely agreement. Chalk it up to experience and move on. I guess he just feels taken advantage of! I'll let you know if he has any luck from his bank.
  10. As a student in 2002 I took out a Barclaycard for which I was charged for PPI - was told I was unable to have one if I didn;t take out the option, IIRC. I also took out a Barclayloan as a graduate in 2005, on which I believe I paid PPI. I don't have any details of the account numbers anymore, and moved banks in 2006. Is it worth a SAR? I've filled out the Barclays questionnaire online to reclaim, but without specific details I'm not sure I'll get much more than a fob off.
  11. Hi All, Posting on behalf of a colleague. Col, as we'll call him, was removed from a club for being over-intoxicated. Unable to contact the friends with whom he had gone, in a city away from home, he entered a casino, clearly worse for wear, and proceeded to use his debit card to gamble away £400. He has no recollection of most of these events, only becoming clear after checking his statement. He intends to ask his bank to make a chargeback to reclaim the funds (each transaction over £100) - however, I am concerned that by doing so this might be considered fraud (if the ba
  12. Thanks Emmzzi. I'll pass the info on - hopefully they will resolve amicably.
  13. Hi CAG. My brother works for a company in London selling training courses, and has decided to leave in order to pursue a post-grad course. He's worked there 9 months, and accrued approx 14 days holiday, of which he's taken 7 days, so should be paid 7 days holiday upon the expiration of his notice. The employers are saying that it is forfeit as he's handing in notice. I sense they're trying it on to save costs - can you refer me to any legislation he can quote? Brother is directly employed, pays tax and NI via PAYE administered by the company.
  14. It's quite frequent for dealers to do a "health check" when completing a service. I wouldn't say any results from these need to be included in the service history - often it's a way to generate more work. If the car was sold privately, and has a full service history (i.e. documentation of when it has been serviced), I don't see that there's any recourse here. By all means, pursue through the courts, but I can't see a judge siding with you.
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