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  1. Would a judge consider it valid? Who can say what goes on in the minds of others? Where is the text that relates to 1(a), 1(b), and 1©? Technically, what you've got is not a properly executed CCA. For MBNA and Hillesden to attempt to pass it off as one shows how morally corrupt they are.
  2. Thanks to all for the input. Has anyone gone down the road of accepting an unlawful rescission on the basis of the 28 days rather than a specific date being stated? The CCA I have with them is not properly executed, although they and their partners in crime claim the opposite. No surprises there, then. Just wondering whether or not to hit them with the Unlawful Rescission as well. Two barrels are better than one.
  3. Anyone else having issues with viewing side 1?
  4. Hi, Comments, advice and thoughts are requested on the validity of the default notice below. The amount specified is the arrears only. There is no figure mentioned for the full balance. The termination letter has been received. I have my own thoughts but want to 'ask the audience', so will keep them to myself until after the result is in. Thanks in advance. Front of notice: Rear of notice:
  5. usaname

    Default Notice

    Hi, Just an update. DLC have written again stating that I have failed to reply to their letter. (You mean the one that was received and signed for the day after posting?) MBNA are investigating my complaint. (Since when has a letter of acceptance been deemed as a complaint?) Calling them muppets is demeaning to the Muppets.
  6. Sounds like it's time to send the "Account in Dispute" letter, then. If you are wanting to go down that road. The alternative? Keep paying.
  7. Hi, The images are too small to read, so I'm unable to comment. Are all the prescribed terms present on the document(s) supplied? Have a read of this it should help you decide.
  8. usaname

    Default Notice

    Hi, Letters sent to both. Let's see what transpires now.
  9. Hi, Is the paperwork that MBNA have provided in response to a CCA request? If it is, does the paperwork meet the criteria of a properly executed agreement? If not, have you written back to them putting the account into dispute? Plan of action - Get CCA from MBNA Check to see if it's properly executed If it's not, put the account into dispute. If it is continue paying.
  10. usaname

    Default Notice

    Hi Pumpytums, thanks for your valued contribution. MBNA's letter of the 21st. DLC's letter of the 26th. They (dlc) also state the whole amount they are expecting me to pay and are asking for my proposal to pay the said amount. I don't think it can get much clearer than that. Do you? Time to accept the unlawful rescission and let dlc know the situation, I think. Comments and thoughts welcome. Cheers.
  11. usaname

    Default Notice

    Hi, I've been looking at the letters that have been suggested for accepting an unlawful rescission and as a result have a question that someone may be able to answer. Is there some case law or a precedent that has been set with regard to the amount that is owed following the rescission? If, following rescission, the contract/agreement is treated as if it never existed, how can any arrears exist? Thanks in advance.
  12. usaname

    Default Notice

    Hi, Thanks for that. I received the DCA's (Direct Legal & Collections / Hillesden) letter yesterday advising that they are now the owners and requesting my proposal for payment. So it's a letter to both then? MBNA accepting the rescission, and DLC to congratulate them on the lovely little pup they have acquired. Cheers.
  13. usaname

    Default Notice

    Hi, Thoughts on the next step would be appreciated. Default notice received on the 12th April - dated 9th April, posted 2nd Class, date to receive rectification payment 26th April. 27th April received letter from DLC, dated 26th April, stating that the account is now owned by them. 28th April received letter from MBNA, dated 21st April, stating that the outstanding balance has been sold. Accept rescission, SAR, other action, all of them? Thanks in anticipation.
  14. usaname

    Default Notice

    Hi, Just a simple question. What should the remedy date of a default notice, dated 9th April and sent UK Mail (S) post, be? I'm thinking the 27th. If anyone would like to confirm or correct, it would be appreciated. Cheers.
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