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  1. Over a month ago I sent CCA requests for 2 demand:oops:s from 1st credit I know nothing about. Sent following advice from this forum. One they say they cant fulfill and will not pursue thank you very much. The other they say they are still trying to obtain the agreement but in answer to the 3 requirements in s77(1) a, b & c they simply state the total of the debt. This tells me nothing. Are they obliged to provide further details and if so should I pursue this or wait to see if they can provide a copy of the agreement?? Thanks in anticipation James
  2. I Sent off the CCA letters. Now had 2 letters from 1st credit on the 2 accounts. It seems one is for insurance. both letters offer a discount for early settlement & on the back is a statement covering the period 1 oct 2008 to 30 sep 2009. one states date of agreement 20th jan 2003 amount of credit £358.89 & closing balance £448.10. No Transactions. the other shows the same date of agreement - no amount of credit - no transactions and closing balance £545.49. All this means nothing to me except it was around 2003 I purchased a £200 item which was financed through Cetelem who assigne
  3. I've had an acknowledgement from 1st credit to my CCA requesting saying they need to refer to their client and it might take a month to reply. Is this ok? I thought they had 14days to respond.
  4. deb, do i need to include the (1) after s.78 77 and 79 in my letter??
  5. It won't be s.78 but I suppose it could be s.77 or s.79. Can I word the letters as s.78 and s.79? Steve
  6. Won't be my signature but that of a relative who will provide the cheque. What section of the act to i refer to (as per my last question) Thanks Deb Steve
  7. As I don't have any evidence of CAB sending the CCA letter I am going to send one myself to both the assignor and assignee of the claimed debt. The draft letter refers to a postal order for £1 but will a cheque do just as well? If the original deal related to the purchase of a camera and payment by instalments which section of the act should I refer to in paragraph 1 ? (I have now had an offer for discounted payment if I pay within x days which I shall not accept as I don't owe it) Steve
  8. Dont know when the last payment was. waiting for bank statements I've requested which should tell me this. I suspect 2003 quoted by 1st credit is the date of the agreement rather than the date of any instalments they may claim were missed
  9. Deb I can't produce assignment here except typing; It's from Cetelem refers to an agreement with Cetelem Quotes account no,. quotes a balance quotes 1st credit reference reads "We hereby give notice of the assignment of the debt due to us by you in respect of the outstanding balance on your cetelem account On 29th July your account was assigned to 1st credit who are now the legal owners of the debt Gives 1st credit contact details" Have not received assignment notice from 1st credit yet
  10. Thanks for your help Deb. No CAB did not say but I am familiar with it. I may have mentioned it to CAB Until I get details I don't know it it is over 6 years or not.
  11. CAB will send the letter to 1st Credit but this was only last monday so would not expect a reply yet. Haven't seen any evidence that the letter ha gone yet
  12. A month ago I received a letter at my parents address from 1st Credit asking if I was the person at a previous address of mine that I left some time ago. I phoned to say I was. They said I had a debt of about £1000 outstanding from around 2003/2004 relating to an item I purchased. I did purchase the item valued about £200 and paid for it by direct debit instalments. To the best of my knowledge this was all done & dusted and no one ever contacted me to say I owed money. In this first phone call I asked for a breakdown of why they believed this was owed and they agreed to send it.
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