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  1. hi all. well a few weeks ago i was caught on camera(side of the road van) doing 40 in a 30 zone, however both my mother and i drove the car within 10 minutes of each other on the same stretch of road, i am the registered keeper. i asked them for a photo in-order to decide which one was driving but the driver cant be seen as we are facing the wrong way. so my point is does the fine default to the driver if it cant be proved who was driving? or do i have an arguement to drop the charge, thought it was worth a shot ,thanks .
  2. cool, i feel better now lol. i will no longer reply, thanks!
  3. first of all id like to say hi to all, my first post. anyway a few months ago i got a parking fine from excell parking for £60. i wrote them a letter appealing to their good nature(b4 i found this site). i explained to them that i had attempted to purchase a ticket for 90mins. however id hadnt noticed at the time the machine had given me one for 60mins , hence the fine. after i appealed i decided to write to them again asking for proof of my mistake , which they have now provided, . apparently i overstayed my welcome by 12mins. the letter also says i must pay today! or the fine will be £100. After finding this site and reading through a ton of posts i decided for peice of mind id ask you folks for some advice. my wife is panicing and wants to pay the fine, however i most certainly do not. although i was considering sending them the cost of an hours parking to settle it lol. Basically if i ignore the letters whats the worse that could happen if they decide to take me to court?. as it seems they have me bang to rights. your help will be much appreciated thanks, lindon.
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