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  1. Hi everybody - 1st time i've ever done this, so bear with me. car registered in my name got a ticket from central ticketing on a tesco car park in december 08. ticket (£40) came to me as reg keeper. i can prove i was abroad at time, and following advice gleaned from internet, wrote to this effect and refused to give name of driver. in April 09, CT wrote to say my appeal was unsuccessful, threatening court action etc etc. i replied in similar style to my 1st letter - i was in france, don't have to declare who driver was, stop this charade etc. fine threatened was now £70. july saw letter from CT, claiming that as reg keeper, i was liable, but fine was back to £40. my reply referred them back to previous letters, plus further legal advice off net (only state can "punish"), fines should relate to lost income (it was a free carpark) etc etc. plus i said if i got any further letters from them, i would complain to Tesco, enclosing all the correspondence and threaten to remove all out business from Tesco if they couldn't sort CT out. Sept 09 got letter from CT, cancelling the fine "in this instance". moral of the story, don't be intimidated, pick up info fro internet and unltimately, just stop replying to their letters/threats. They will probably back off, cause the law is on your side if your case is similar to above. hope all this helps, impetus
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