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  1. Hi all and have been offline for a while. Personally I found Wonga ok to deal with as long as you stay firm to what you can reasonably afford and more importantly stick to it !! I owed then £340 & offered £85 per month. They were not happy with this but did agree and I have just the one payment this month before I can apply again !
  2. The world is saved.... Amazing how you can fix a recession by creating a record govt deficit and printing money. ======================== Absolutely spot on ..... shame that us lot ( joe public ) cant have money printed for us as well ....
  3. Sorry Wesley but I dont understand what you mean about the "money went in over the phone " ? probably just me !! Just my 2 pence worth but surely their accounting / bank records will show where the money has been paid into ? I would press again for even the last 2 or 4 digits of the bank account paid into or even at worst the sort code as this is just for the bank itself and not the account holder. keep at it and best of luck
  4. Sorry Reddennis but certain companies do this 'automatically' and then months later realise it was an 'admin error'. If no loan was taken out they haven't got a leg to stand on. I would check with the company to see what account they are claiming the money went into.... ================= great minds think alike .....
  5. hi again and thanks. all i would suggest is speaking to them to ask the sort code and even last 4 numbers of the bank account that the money was supposed to be paid in.surely they can supply this ? if your daughter bank say that no money has been received then no loan has been given. good luck with the cab and even explaining this to a solicitor and a charge of say £40 or £50 for doing so may been worth all the aggro of calls 24/7 ! good luck again
  6. Hi Wesley.I hope no offence is taken as I am a parent as well but are you totally sure your daughter did not complete the forms at the time or went back to the website to apply again ? even for payday loan standards this seems a bit odd. all i would say is that if the money was definately not received then go straight to a solicitors office and see what they make of it. it may cost a fee or some kind but a letter from solicitor would make stronger reading than email tennis that i have had to deal with so many times. hope you get it all sorted for you and your daughter.
  7. Yes. You must speak to your bank ( in banking hours ) to make sure everything is sorted and done beforehand. Take out the cash and maybe even think about getting a prepaid debit card. I did and got my wages paid into them now and also cancel all direct debits and pay by pay in slip. Hope this helps from my experiences.
  8. Sorry but i havnt ... i was actually helping out my sister who was in pieces about the whole thing.a standing order was completed by this company with my "sisters signature" which she did not complete herself ! the only reason she found out was because she paid in a small cheque at her local halifax branch & the cashier advised her she could not withdraw any money from her account until the cheque cleared as a £40 standing order was debited earlier in the day. an immediate stop was put on any future standing orders by the halifax. -- beware of this company !
  9. Hi. How many months is x ???? also seems to be a very high monthly payment for such a small amount of money in return. personally, i would say stay clear as if it smells funny ... then it probably is a bit fishy !!
  10. Agree with Robjam 100%. Pammi you must be very direct in telling your bank that they must help correct this problem for you and also let them know your financial situation etc. The banks ime sure do not want any more bad publicity at the moment ?? Hope you can get things sorted.
  11. i have had major problems with this lot and would absolutely agree ! best of luck
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