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  1. Hi my evidance will be heard, thanks. I was paid approx 31 weeks net pay in total , redundancy and ex gratia, what else Im i able to claim? if I can prove unfair dismisal. I will probanbly have to take a pay cut opf approx 9K / year gros to obtain employment, + loss of future bonus, privat health care and other benefits
  2. Hi thanks for the repy, however I was made redundant, recieved redundancy pay and an ex gratia. I am claiming that I was not offered suitable alternative employment which was available, and that I was singled out for redundancy on the basis that I alledged an ongoing fraud within the company through a grievance proceedure. At this grievance I gave them enough to prove what I was saying buy did not tell them about my recordings of conversations as I was still employed there and did not want these recordings to affect my job . I feel they have tried to cover this up and whilst making me redundan
  3. I am reprasenting myself in an tribunal can any one give me some do's and dont's. Can I use recorded evidance / transcripts which will disprove what my former employers are saying? what do I put in my statement of facts? How is compensation for loss of future earnings worked out if it is not possible to find a job on the same money?
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